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Logan Patrick Keeley

Logan Keeley
Birth Date: October 18 
Age: Forever 17 
Eyes: Sky blue 
Hair: Wavy, naturally brown, but wears it spiked bleached blonde with black streaks 
Other distinguishing features: Silver hoop in brow, Celtic tattoo that says Aura over his heart 
Dating: Not so much anymore. Forever devoted to Aura Salvatore 
Hobbies: Frontman for the Keeley Brothers (before death), Tabloid Decoys after death.

Description: On stage, the sexy Keeley Brothers frontman commands (and craves) everyones undivided attention. Offstage, Logan is your average teenage boy who loves music and his girlfriend Aura. One catch. He's dead….. and a ghost. It's complicated.
"Sometimes I think about staying here for years, turning solid every three months. What would I do with those seventeen minutes? Play guitar? Eat pizza? Have rampaging rabbit sex with my best friend?"

Dylan Keeley

Dylan Keeley
Birth Date: Unknown (16th birthday is on the day Logan's gravestone is set)
Age: 16
Eyes: deep blue
Hair: straight dark brown hair
Dating: Nothing serious but he may have his eyes on a certain girl named Aura
Hobbies:  gaming, eating, collecting action figures

Description: Sweet and sensitive, this Keeley brother doesn't need to be a musician to attract the ladies! As the youngest in the family he's got it going on with his adorable looks, goofy charm and penchant for helping damsels in distress.
"Now why don't you go back to screwing your prom date and let me do the same."

Mickey Keeley

Mickey Keeley Birth Date: Unknown
Age: 18, Twin to sister Siobhan
Eyes: deep blue
Hair: wavy, naturally brown
Status: Pre-Shifter
Dating: Megan McConnell
Hobbies: Musician. Former guitarist with the Keeley Brothers band,  played with The Keeley's, an Irish folk band formed with twin sister Siobhan

 Description: Although mistaken as Logan's twin, he couldn't be more different. Responsible and slightly brooding Mickey, is all about staying true to his music. He may have a tough protective outer shell, but it's worth cracking to see the man inside.
"I can't help it if I'm naturally cooler than he is."

Siobhan Keeley

Siobhan Keeley
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: 18, Twin to brother Mickey
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Straight dark brown hair with purple streaked bangs
Dating: Connor
Hobbies: Musician - Former member of The Keeley Brothers Band  & The Keeley's - an Irish Folk band with twin brother Mickey

Description: Siobhan may be the only sister in the Keeley clan, but she still goes toe to toe with the boys and can play a mean fiddle!
"Say please or kiss my ass."
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