Once Upon a Time...

... in the Summer of 2011, there was an epic contest in the world of bookdom, the YA Crush Tournament. This tournament had the Twitter world buzzing about a guy from the realm of hotland, Zachary Moore. During that magical experience, a band of dedicated fans came together and formed TEAM KILT. Led by Amy & Jen from Fictitious Delicious, Team Kilt is a fearless force that bows to no one.

While prepping for the numerous rounds of the tournament, Amy & Jen discovered that there was no central location for all things related to the Shade series.  Which made them say, “Wha-Wha-What?!?!” So they did much behind-the-scenes research, and the idea for Kilt & Keeley was born.

Kilt & Keeley has the intention of being the #1 fan-based resource for the Shade series.  Amy & Jen were smart enough to know that such an endeavor could not be done by themselves. So they rounded up two more passionate fans, this time of the Keeley persuasion. Karen and Brooke represent the Irish Punk Rock side of the family better than anyone else ever could.

As passionate as Jen & Amy are about Mr. Kilt and Karen & Brooke are about Mr. Keeley, our real love lies with The Woman Upstairs. Jeri is the most inspiring, caring, creative, generous, hilarious, loving, understanding, fan-dedicated author out there.  We adore her. It’s because of our love for her that this site exists.

We hope you enjoy hanging out here as much as we do. We have a monstrous amount of content to add in 2012 and additional features that we’re excited to share with you soon. See something missing or have an idea to share? Drop us a line. We’re here for you, our fellow fans.
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