Friday, December 20, 2013

MAD LIBS: A Celebration of Shattered

Team Kilt celebrated the release of Shattered (OMG! OMG!) by playing a few rounds of Mad Libs. Hilariousness ensued, of course, and we were reminded of how much fun it is to hang out with everyone. It remains one of our favorite activities of all time.

Imagine the scene: Martin is packing for a sleepover with the mates over at Zach's. It *might* turn out like this:
If you are going to a sleepover at a mate's BABY, here's a BEAUTIFUL list of things to put in your overnight CAR.

1. WILD pajamas and a change of GLOVES for the next day.

2. A tooth-BOOK for brushing your TOES.

3. Some CDs so you and your friends can HURL to your favorite GLAMOROUS tunes.

4. Magazines with someone like RICHARD MADDEN on the cover and articles about how to LEAP FASTEST.

5. A SHATTERED WHISKY-light will help you to BOUNCE in the dark while you stay up RUNNING into the wee hours of the BUTTER.

If you follow this checklist, you should have a really SLIMEY sleepover.


Round two was a conversation between Zachary and CLAIRE:

(The following is a conversation had by two SHEEP in Team Kilt)

Claire: What do you say we all sit around the campfire and toast GIRLS and sing PICKLE songs?

Zachary: Nah, how about we tell ghost MEN that make our SCAPULA stand on end?

Claire: Be real! RAINBOW stories are for little PUPPETS.

Zachary: I don't know any songs. Maybe one. Old MacDonald Had a SHARPIE. My mother used to sing it to me as she RUSHED me to sleep.

Claire: Okay. We'll all sing Old MacDonald Had a DIVING BOARD.

Zachary: But I can't carry a CUPCAKE, and I'm WOOLY HAT deaf.

Claire: Then hum the SPEEDO and snap your EYES.

Zachary: No. My DUODENUM is just not in it.

Claire: Come on, be a LONG sport. Okay? All right, everyone, on the count of 42, let's sing at the top of our BEARS.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, TEAM KILT. IS. AWESOME. Love you guys!

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