Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Today is August 10th, which means that some 18ish years ago, one of the greatest characters of all time was born!

Happy Birthday, Martin Connelly!  

We love you! Here's a little something we put together just mostly for you. You get to pick ONE THING from this picture.  The other comes home with me. Choose wisely.

Martin is spending his special day with his mates, but he's going to celebrate with Team Kilt tomorrow night on Twitter at 9:00PM Central Time! Come hang out on with us on the #TeamKilt hashtag to keep track of all the craziness that is sure to go down.  You can bring him presents, too.  You know how those Shade boys like to be pampered

I'm going to peruse Martin's Twitter feed and find some of my favorite Martin moments from the past few years. I know there are going to be some doozies in there! ("I LOVE CAULK!" comes to mind.)  You should do the same--there's been a lot of really great moments between Martin, Logan and Zachary. 

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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