Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Read-Along: A Spoiler Filled Chat with Jeri Smith-Ready!

We're wrapping up our month long Shade Series Read-Along in the best possible way...a chat with Jeri Smith-Ready!

Join us on Tuesday, June 4 from 8-9:00PM central time where we'll be talking about all things Shade related. SPOILS WILL HAPPEN so catch up on the read-along if you need to and/or refresh those fun filled moments of the read-along by looking over these fantastic guest posts!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I might mention that the woman upstairs has some really incredible prizes she'll be giving away during the chat. Check THIS out! (And be sure to read the PS on her post. I dare you not to squee with delight!)

Spread the word!  See you next week, Team Kilt!

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