Thursday, April 11, 2013

The De-Kiltification of Zachary Moore

Holy Bejebus! Did you see what just happened? It''s....AAAAAHHHH! It's the kilt. It's the de-kilting! It's the entire Senior prom scene!

And also...
Remember when Jeri began writing the extended Senior Prom scene from SHINE during the YA Crush Tourney last July? It went like this:

And then today! TODAY THIS happened:

YOU GUYS! This scene is everything I expected and SO MUCH MORE. Now I have more questions. Most importantly, what on earth did Zachary do in Glasgow that he can't tell Aura about? Inquiring minds NEED TO KNOW.  "Shattered" can not come soon enough, aye?

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  1. I love the gif choices celebrating this momentous moment!!!

  2. I loved this scene!! and I sure want to know what happened in Glasgow!!