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Read-Along: SHINE Chapters 21-32

I was going to say something witty, and probably a little inappropriate, for this section of SHINE until Kim sent in her blog post for these tender chapters. I'm saying nothing else so we can get to the good part...

(See the read-along reading schedule here.)

Helllllooooooooo!!! It’s me à Kimberdee, with Jeri, from Team Kilt Con 2012. This pic makes me so happy!

I’m ecstatic to be joining Team Kilt for the Shade Read Along – Shine, Chapters 21 – 32.
*cues in donkey butt dance* (props to my girl Janette for creating)

I am an avid Team Kilt member and supporter of all things Kilt & Keeley and Jeri Smith-Ready ß in a non-stalkish way, maybe ;). I try to participate in as many Shade series activities as possible, such as this.
(Call me K Master C)

I was first introduced to Shade and Shift during the YA Crush Tourney in 2011, where my pal Brooke gave me a big ole’ whack for not having read them, and sent me the books. For three days my nose stayed buried in pages and I quickly anticipated Shine. I am forever grateful; for this series and author (that’s you Jeri) have brought me so many reading emotions, a story and characters that I will forever be fond of, and many friends—that’s YOU Team Kilt!

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Okay, so let’s do this! Grab your hearts and Kleenex and let’s get this baby started for a wee little recap.

Aura, my dear. You are no one to fear
I know you thought that, your senior year.
Your head is swimming, in so much misery.
Logan is gone and you’re missing and worried about Zachary.
Zach, Zach… Zachary is back
And surprises his cheeky monkey with a video chat.
Aura listens as Zachary reads.
Together, they will decipher a discovery.

Becca Goldman, the girl we love to hate.
She makes it difficult for us not to discriminate.
That’s okay, Aura has the last word,
And Becca’s speech is left unheard.

The magic number is three.
All becomes a reality.
Aura and Zachary suffer some jealousy,
But they only want each other, officially.
Aura is violet, Zachary is red.
When they kiss, they become opposites instead.
Zachary is so full of pain.
At this time he isn’t strong enough to explain.
Aura talks baseball in a heap,
And lulls Zachary to finally sleep.

The fall equinox is here.
Aura’s head spins as the shades grew near.
Did it work? We shall see.
Where would their ghosts be?

Hello Martin, Zachary’s best mate.
He’s the next sweetest thing to chocolate.
Betcha his eyebrows wag
Each time Aura calls someone a bawbag.

Logan would’ve been eighteen.
But he will forever be seventeen.
The DMP makes us want to spit.
Their whole meaning is utter bullshit.

Aura prepares for Ireland
And will soon be in Zachary’s arms again.

Yellow for friendship, red for love.
Aura and Zachary’s embrace is what Team Kilt dreams of.

A wish and a seal of love at the B&B
Kissing and touching with such beautiful and longing ferocity
A setting so serene,
A lovely force of gravity.

Mo anam caraid (mo An-am CAR-idge),
Soulmates; A meaningful word abridged.

Today is Aura’s birthday.
Zachary and a ghost have a say.

Newgrange is where they’ll be
To see if they can end the shift and complete their destiny.

Team Kilt extends their gratitude to you, Jeri.
For writing a mystical story filled with tragedy and ultimately, glee.

Thank you Kilt & Keeley for hosting the Shade Read Along! I’ll leave you wonderful peeps with a few questions for discussion. But don’t limit the discussion to just those questions. I’d love to read your thoughts as a whole.  

I’ll be seeing some of you for RT 2013 and Team Kilt Con 2013!!!

Did you think Aura handled herself appropriately at Tammi Teller’s funeral?
~~~Becca sure does know how to press some buttons. Becca deserved to be called out. Aura must have had lots of strength to stay grounded.

If you were Aura, would you have been strong enough to turn off your computer after Zachary fell asleep?
~~~ I would like to think I would. Sometimes, curiosity wins you over. I’d watch to gain knowledge, to understand his pain… not to disrespect him. But then I’d have to tell him I did it. Because I’m an honest person. And likely, I would lose his trust, and that would be so terrible. So, I’d have to fight myself a lot, and hope my heart would win over my curiosity.

What did you think of Martin?
~~~ I clicked with Martin right off the back. I adored his eccentricity and spunk. Most important, I felt the bond he had with Zach.

While Chapter 21 gave us the final revelations about the shift and shine, my favorite chapters were chapters 26 and 29  – ‘Wherever Logan was now, he was at peace.’  *Clutches chest* It was so important for Aura to know that, to feel that, and for the Keeley’s and us readers too—as well as Logan to accomplish it.  And I mean come on!!! Why wouldn’t I choose chapter 29. Jeri wrote the most beautiful, tasteful love scene for two young people who very much loved each other.

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  1. And OMGEEEEE, Have mercy on my knees!!! How luscious and sweet was Zachary and Aura's first time?!?! The thoughtfulness and planning Zachary had put behind it.... it was perfect! Zachary definitely put the rock in Bally! Bwah hahahaha.