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Read-Along: SHINE Chapters 12 - 20

This is one of the toughest sections of SHINE for me to read nowadays. This wasn't always true. My first reads of SHINE had me bawling at those heartwarming/heartwrenching Logan scenes. Now that I've gained an understanding of what Zachary endured while at 3A, well. My heart bleeds and my stomach clinches at the mere thought of those times. The brief reunion scene between Aura and Zach that Mel mentions in this post hurts me to my soul. GAH. ALL THESE FEELS! (Read-Along reading schedule here.)

Greetings, Team Kilt lovelies! Mel here, ready to talk all about chapters 12-20 of Shine. Can you believe we’re almost done with the trilogy? It never gets old, reading these amazing books. Everybody having a blast? Of course we are. We’re Team Kilt! Thanks go to the ever-fabulous peeps at Kilt and Keeley for hosting this wonderful event. Thanks also to author extraordinaire, Jeri Smith-Ready, for writing such an amazing, imaginative, inspiring, kick butt series... and bringing us all together!

Before I jump into the discussion, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself, aye? First of all, my first name is Melissa, but I’ve never liked it so I go by pretty much any nickname except Missy (like Mo, Litza, Lissie, Lissa, Mel, etc). Missy makes me feel like I’m a toddler. I currently reside in The Surface of the Sun, AZ (aka Phoenix). I work at an amazing used book and entertainment store with some of the most fun people in the world. I recently took over the kids/teen book department, which is so much fun and couldn’t be more perfect for me. I love my job! Now if only it was in Washington instead of Arizona. I can’t wait to escape back to my beautiful Pacific Northwest and the trees and rain and rivers with water in them! Anywhoozle... ahem. I can be found figuring out this blogging thing at She Dreams in Fiction and hanging out on Twitter (@litzalou). I love getting lost in books, devouring music and spoiling my adorable Shetland sheepdog, Maisie. Um, what else...? Guess I’ll jump into my chapters!

Here are some things that went down in chapters 12-20 (it is NOT spoiler free):

  •  Dylan comes up with an idea to find and check out 3A, where Zach is being held by the jerkfaces (sniff sniff)... he also calls Zach "Captain Patience," which I love. This should be a thing. 
  •  Aura jams out to Frightened Rabbit (heck yes!) whilst missing and worrying about Zach (sadness).

Here’s what I’m going to assume is the 3 track EP... it’s the one I have, anyway:

Here’s my favorite Frightened Rabbit song as well, just because I can:

  • Aura researches one of her father’s colleagues, Daniel McClellan, and his academic journals on megaliths and cairns and how they relate to the solstice and equinox. She discovers she and Zach were born on a "double borderland" of night/day and autumn/winter. Whoa. Super powers, indeed. 
  • Simon suggests the DMP may very well have been behind the incident with flight 346. WHAT?! 
  • By the way, chapter 14 mentions my birthday in the first few words... just sayin’... hee hee.
  • Dylan dubs their recon adventure Operation Scot Free. Love it.
  • Siobhan and Connor announce they’re amicably breaking up... 
  • While Aura and Dylan are bonding over mourning for Logan, Nana Keeley shows up. She decides that if Logan can pass on, she can too. Before she goes, she tells them the DMP beasties were after her, trying to lock her in a box! Evil! Mickey gets pissed off and finally gets on board with the mission.

“Let’s go destroy them”

  • Operation Scot Free is on the move. They barely avoid the electric/invisible fence and getting caught. Whew! Aura sends photos of 3A area to Simon. Simon lectures Aura about investigating and how dangerous it is.
  • Megan breaks up with Mickey on the ride back home. GASP! 
  • Aura comes to the conclusion that the only reason she hasn't been "taken out" yet is because SecuriLab has an interest in keeping her alive. They're making a profit from the shift, whereas the DMP wants to end it. She wonders if she were to die, would the shift end? This leads her to believe that that's why SecuriLab is keeping her alive. 
  • Nicola takes Aura to an Orioles game and they overhear two guys talking about Nighthawk and their possible connection to the flight 346 tragedy. 
  • Aura writes up all she’s learned and deducted about the DMP and SecuriLab and gives that information to Simon to see if it'll help get Zachary out of their clutches...dun dun dun! 
  • Aura has a horrible nightmare (shivers) and Gina wakes her up to deliver some news... Zach is being released! Happy dance!
  • Aura and Zach get to see one another, but only briefly and they can’t even hug. Zach is clearly thinner and shadowed and nervous. WAIL!
  • Zach finally makes it home to Glasgow and has a chat with Aura. Aura tells him she’s been divulging information about the DMP to MI-X to find leverage to free him from A3. He says he's not worth it, but we all know he so is. 

 Lots of crying.

Discussion question time! These questions are by no means mandatory. Feel free to answer any or none of them. I just basically want to see what you guys thought of these chapters! 

  1. What did you think about Simon suggesting the DMP was responsible for the flight 346 disaster? Were you thinking the same thing, too? 
  2. Two more couples bite the dust in these chapters: Mickey/Megan and Siobhan/Connor. How sad are you that they're no more?! Do you think they'll be able to stay apart?
  3. What do you think about Aura's idea about SecuriLab keeping her alive, just in case her death were to end the shift?
  4. What do you think of Nicola after the Orioles game?
  5. How freakin' relieved are you that Zach is finally home?!

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  1. When flight 346 went down, I couldn't think of anything but Zachary. There was no thought of, what happened, who did it? It was OMG, Z can't be dead, he.can' Once I let myself take a breath, YES- I did think that dirty wretched DMP had something to do with it.

    I wasn't so shocked about Mickey and Megan. Megan was so full of life and Mickey was so broodish <-- with much reason. I didn't think they'd get back together. As far as Siobhan and Connor, I never thought they'd break up. They always seemed so compatible. I predicted they'd patch up.

    Aura's a smart cookie. It made sense.

    I held my breath on Nicola. But she redeemed herself after that.

    I'm sooooo relieved Zachary is home. Soooooooo full of pain for what he was put through.