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Read-Along: SHINE Chapters 1 - 11

I want to get on a plane (not flight 346) and squeeze Lis tight after reading this post!  She brings home a point that I wish every person who has not yet read SHINE for fear of missing Logan would understand.  Logan may be gone, but he's not gone. (HA! How's THAT for clarifying in a non spoilery way?) Anyway. This is a GREAT post from a huge Logan fan who hesitated to read SHINE and is so glad she did in the end. So there. (Read-Along schedule here.)

Hi there! This is Lis Carcamo, from the Spanish Fan Site of the ShadeTrilogy. I also run the book blog The Reader Lines.
I was introduced to Shade when my friends from my favorite Facebook book “club” started to talk about how much they cried during Shift. I asked them about that book, and they recommended it and Shade. To be honest, I just wanted to read Shade because I love books that make me cry I’m that insane! So, when a dear friend sent me a gift card, to buy the two ebook copies because shipping was too expensive, I didn’t hesitate and the day after, I started with Shade. I didn’t even read the summary. I just wanted to know about that famous Zach from the YA Crush Tourney.

My biggest surprise was that I FELL FOR ANOTHER BOY.

That damn Logan Keeley stole my heart the first time I saw him or read him. (I even wrote a song for him, but I’m still too shy to show it!)

Then, I started to stalk follow Jeri, Kilt & Keeley, and the Shade Boys on Twitter… And then I started to ask for Shade from some Spanish publishers. That’s why I created the blog, to spread the word about Shade and make the publishers know that we want Shade in Spanish. I just can’t help thinking that Spanish readers have the right to read such awesome books.

If you want to help us you can follow us on the blog, Twitter or Facebook (that one created by other awesome ladies).

Now, the Chapters Recap.

First, I want to show you my copy of Shine. I thought it will be cool to share all the notes I wrote there. Funny because I was one of those girls that didn’t want to read Shine because Logan won’t be there. And I ended up loving it and writing notes at every chapter.

CH. 1
Aura’s still in the cemetery after Logan passed for good, trying to contact Zach when Megan calls her and her stupid phone plays Make this go on Forever, and she thinks of Logan,  and I cry a little, and she tells her that Flight 346 went down… and it was Zachary flight! *insert scream*

Q: Did you play any song in your mind when you read that chapter?

Q: Did you really think Zach was dead?

CH. 2
Dylan also calls Aura and helps her to calm down, she checks the red phone and realizes Zach wasn’t in the plane! Dylan is so cool!

CH. 3
Where the hell is Zachary??? Oh, wait… un momento… It seems that Logan saved Zachary’s life.

CH. 4
Aura finally tells Gina the truth about the concert and what happened to Logan there. Then Aura remembers when she and Zach were in the airport judging people by their shoes *how cute!*

Q: Have you done that?

CH. 5
They discovered that what happened to Flight 346 was a terrorist attack… planned by a GHOST!
And Aura goes to her interrogation where Nicola asks her if she wants to join the DMP.

CH. 6
Aura is in her interrogation with Agent Ritter from the DMP. They talk about Logan and what happened before and after the concert. I wow, because I never thought I will see Logan’s name so many times in a book without him.  She discovers that Zach is under investigation because someone saw him talking to Logan in the airport. And the Moores are sent back to home without her son. *raise your hand if you wanted to kill someone*

Creepy Quote

CH. 7
Aura meets Simon, that weird guy from the MI-X, who’s trying to help Zachary.

Funniest Quote Ever!
CH. 8
Now, Aura’s on Farmer Frank’s wheat field, watching the stars and thinking about Zach, remembering him and trying to discover how to save him… Awwww

                                                                        And then, she has an idea about where to start.

Did she really say “juicy” Sorry but LOL!

Ch. 9
You know, since I am Team Logan, and this is a book for Zach lovers (don’t get me wrong I love him, too) I found way too funny this chapter, because the one ghost that could help Zachary, the girl who saw him talking to Logan, is a fervent Logan’s fan, and seems to hate Aura because she thinks Aura didn’t appreciate Logan awesomeness.

Groupie alert!

Wait...this IS the funniest quote ever!

CH. 10
Aura is spying on Gina things, searching for info about her dad. But she just realizes that it is worse to know him, if she can’t really have it. Then Gina comes back with news about Zachary.
They’re taking him to Area 3A.
What the f...!

CH. 11
Aura meets Nicola; she is really nice, though she works with the DMP. This is the first time Aura thinks about SecuriLab.

Q: Did it call your attention?

This whole thing about Zach's arrest seems even weirder at this point.
Just after the meeting, Dylan calls Aura and tells her that he NEEDS to see her….

 Q: Why did you think Dylan needed to talk to her?

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  1. I was so distraught, yet relieved that Logan passed on, I never even thought of a song. And then when Flight 346 went down, I basically crapped myself. But, a song that comes to mind right now, could be Amazing Grace- Drop Kick Murphy's style. That would be for Logan.

    As far as Zach being dead... I knew he wasn't. I couldn't imagine the loss of Logan and Zachary. But I feared he was in major pain. I just didn't know what.

    I've never judged people by their shoes. BUT, I love shoes, so that's the first sight of a person I have.

    I was ready for Nicola to betray Aura.

    I was preparing myself for another make-out session, lol!!!