Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Read-Along: SHIFT Chapters 5 - 12

This post by Saleana is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, much like the chapters she has covered. Thank you for a beautiful post, Saleana, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Go jump on Twitter and wish our girl a happy birthday!)

Hi all!  Saleana here (aka @synfulsaleana99) to take you on the journey of chapters 5-12 of Shift. Thanks to the Kilt & Keeley lovelies for putting this together.

This is me with Zachary Logan the Scottish Sheep in a custom Kilt I made for him.

And before you yell at me…I know, I know it’s a decent sized chunk of this book that we’re going over today, but I asked for this day of the Read-Along specifically because today is my birthday! YAY! 

And I figured there is NO OTHER WAY I was going to celebrate the big 2-1 without Team Kilt! I love all my of my Team Kilt Clan and I adore chatting with them on Twitter. I love reading (that’s a shocker right?) and I also like to paint, sculpt a bit, play some guitar and violin and just laze about on the interwebs.

Now! On to Shift! (Contains Spoilers!) Here’s how this is going to work ya’ll. I’m going to give little summaries, some will go into more depth than others, for each chapter and some discussion questions are thrown in there. These are a little more personal because this chunk of the book is quite moody. So, comment with your answers, or journal about them, blog about them whatever. If you guys really want to share with me, and bounce ideas back and forth then you can always email me at  or blow up my Twitter account. I love you guys! Here we go.

So, we start off with Mickey and Siobhan singing and at the end they sing  “The Parting Glass” and I really love this song. There are a few versions that are out there, but this one has always had a special little place in my heart:

Side note: Dylan mentions a didgeridoo, and I had no clue as to what the heck that was. It’s this: 

 I say we all start a Team Kilt Didgeridoo Club, thanks Dylan.

Question Time: Mickey and Siobhan seem to cope with their grief through music. Do you think that they should just cope how they want to, or do you think that they should talk it out (like they HAVEN’T been doing?) How do you guys cope? Quietly and to yourself, or with friends and family?

Then Aura gets pissed off at Logan because he showed up when he wasn’t supposed to. 

Way to go, Logan. If you weren’t dead, I’d kill you.”  Our gurl is ready to kick some ethereal ass. *snaps*

Then a bunch of reporters show up and Aura fudges some translations.

Then Logan wants to form a new band, because music is Logan’s thang, but this whole afterlife thing would have a huge effect on Aura, so naturally she gets pissed. So we leave chapter 5 with Aura loving Logan, but not liking him.

Question: Do you think Aura’s being a dickwad right now or do you think that her anger is well-placed? Dick move for not trying to help her now-dead-sorta-ex-boyfriend or “you go girl” moment?

Chapter 6.

Aura and Zachary. In a field. Alone. Tension. Stars. Yum. Or, not. They get into a little tiff, since Aura is kinda high strung at the moment and Zachary, our King of Patience steps forward and all gets cleared away.

Question: What do you think of Aura right now? “Slutty” or “Human?” Personally I don’t think that the word “slut” has a place in this world. Emotions are meant to be felt. You can’t always control them. Aura is human and is doing the best she can and coping as best as she can. What do you think though?

And then.

The kiss. The first kiss. Put the fan on ladies and gents. It’s pretty steamy, even though both of them are freezing their butts off. But! Zach asked Becca out to prom and she said yes. What to do now?

Afterwards, Aura heads back home and Logan is there. And he feels weird, right after Aura was with Zach. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Logan starts to bug out because Aura is “different” and leaves.

Chapter 7. 

Aura and Zach have this little staring love fest thing going on at school. A secret love fest that is. There’s even a love note involved.

From Zach.

“Aura, I dreamed of you last night. You slept in this castle, surrounded by ghosts who all wanted your time, who all wanted your eyes on them. But none came into your room, because I was sleeping beside you. And when you woke, your eyes were only on me.

Someday I’ll take you to this place. I promise I’ll keep away the ghosts.


I’m torn between “awwww” and “sexxxxay.”

Then Aura asks Dylan to prom…Mickey is a douche to Megan and we’ve discovered that Dylan is a complete geek.

Question: Awesome that Aura asks out her ex-bf’s little bro to prom, or creepy? Or creepy cute?

Chapter 8.

Aura’s gramma is awesome.

*When Aura mentions Zach*
“Is he-“
“He’s not Italian.”
“Hmph.” She thumbed stray dark blond curl back under her hairnet. “Well, I guess you gotta try the rest because you settle down with the best.”

(Being an Italian woman myself….I concur.)

Zach invites Aura over.

Logan pops in.

Logan wants to know if he fits in Aura’s life now, and figures out that Zach and Aura are sorta a thing. (I cried a little here, I’ll admit it.) Aura is finally realizing that Logan is gone and can’t be there like she needs him to be.

Question: Are you pissed at Aura like I was the first time? I mean – Logan DIED! Come on! How could she do this?! Or, are you like me now? Well, life goes on, people change, things change. Love changes. She’s HUMAN for f***’s sake. Let the girl live.

Chapter 9.

Aura heads to Zachary’s place and Aura tells Zach that Logan wants to meet him. Aura and Zach go through Aura’s mother’s journal and some pieces start to fall into place. Mystery is coming together! Or….getting more complicated.

And Zach’s dad comes home, and he’s sick. Really sick. L

Then Logan freaks when he sees Aura because we find out that Zachary’s anti-ghostiness has been literally rubbing off on Aura. Eerie no?

What’s more eerie is that it seems like Zach’s dad has the same(ish) cancer that Aura’s mom had before she died. Dum, dum dummmmmm.

Chapter 10.

Aura tells Zach about the essence rubbing off on her. And they have another kiss (apparently the perfect one yet.)

The ghost that Aura had an appointment with freaked out, so it’s true. Aura becomes a bit like Zach when they get close. Therefore a minor shitstorm ensues and Aura and Zach break up even though they’re not really together, at least not in public anyway, because of prom.

Chapter 11.

The word “eleven” always makes me think of Zach. Because he’s Scottish. Because of this video

This chapter however, is anything but fun. It’s serious because Logan and Zach meet for the first time. This is pre Zogan days guys so they’re kinda at each others throats. Except they’re in different rooms.  Words are said and Logan kinda shades out and poofs away. It’s a tense and confusing time. Put the book down and take a breath.

A favorite line of mine: from Logan.

“I thought tonight I could prove I was the better guy for you. I thought I’d prove that I loved you more, and you would-“ He set his elbow on the back of the couch and rubbed his mouth. “But a jerk like me can never compete with someone so fucking pure of heart.”

Question: How are you feeling right now? Proud of Logan for admitting that he might not be the best for Aura right now? Angry at Aura for making Logan hurt? Sad for Aura and Zach? There are a lot of emotions going on right now. How are you feeling, sorting them out? Yes we’re just the readers but we’re right there in those pages with these characters. That’s why we’re Team Kilt. We feel along with them.

The chapter ends off with Aura and Logan discussing a way for Logan to come back to life for the one night of the solstice without everyone freaking the hell out.

Chapter 12.

I leave you guys on a sadish note (in the book at least.) Megan and Aura are picking out prom dresses and  Megan reveals that her and Mickey’s relationship isn’t doing so hot. She also confesses that she thinks it sucks big time that no one has really paid attention to her. She lost Logan, she was his friend and she needs someone.

“Maybe we never should’ve kissed those Keeley Boys.”

Question: Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought: this is it? If I do "A", then "B" will happen, but if I don’t do "A" then my whole life will be completely different? It’s a big thing to think about.

Ok! That’s all there is from me!  This was great fun! Thanks so much for having me and I hope that you all have a great day. I’m going to go snarf down some of my birthday cake now…that is if there’s any even left. 


  1. Great post Seleana.
    I can understand Mickey and Siobhan. I'm a work it out on your own person. sometimes words just don't explain the pain and you need to work it out in your head first.
    2. Aura has no right to be angry. Logan is Logan and she wanted him back. Maybe if she had explained things to Logan then he would have known what to say and what not. The fact that she's helping so she can monitor what he says does send mix signals.
    3. She technically wasn't Logans girlfriend so I see nothing wrong with the kiss. After all she's liked Zach since before Logan died.
    4. Creepy or cute? Neither. Necessity. She needed a no strings date that wouldn't have any expectation, shame she forgot to mention it to Dylan.
    5. I understand life goes on and Aura wants to move forward but I'm angry at her because her words say one thing to Logan but her actions say the opposite.
    6.I just felt sad. For everyone. No one ended up in a good place. But really sad for Logan. its heartbreaking.
    7. Yes.
    I think I've answered all the questions. Final thought
    Was not kissing those Keeley boys even an option? I think not.

  2. Awesome Seleana- AWESOME! And hey... I bet it takes some serious blowing in order to receive an outcome on that didgeridoo thingy, lol!!

    I think Siobhan and Mickey should cope the best way they see fit as a couple. If it's through music, more power to them. For me personally, it depends on the situation. Some things need discussion, while others I have to work out within myself.

    You know, Aura was under a lot of pressure. I'm sure we all imagine what she went through. Ultimately, she continued to protect him and love him through her anger. However, she should have been more direct towards Logan. Certain people need some direction/communication to understand.

    The kiss... Aura, totally human... and so needed that kiss. She needed it to move on emotionally and physically.

    Hellz no to the creepy. Dylan is a rather crushable character. I would've been all over that if it were me, lol. But Dylan is who made her feel comfortable at this time. And that's what she needed.

    While part of me was sad that she was moving on, I never was angry at her. She loves Logan, he'll always be in her heart. We saw this girl suffer. With that said, at times I thought Aura wanted her cake and eat it too, but who wouldn't?! At least, if she had to move on, it was with someone who understood the situation she was in.

    So many emotions for me at this point, but this is when Logan basically grows up for me. When he recognizes what is best for Aura at this point. Realizations for all involved... realizations for us.

    For me, I don't regret anything I've ever done... whether it was good or a few bad, it's what made me who I am today. I feel the same way for Aura and Megan.

  3. Great post! My emotions are all over the place during these chapters. On a side note, my husband likes the didgeridoo (don't ask I don't understand it either) but I'm sure he would love to be an honorary Team Kilt Didgeridoo Club member LOL!

    1. Everyone copes differently and if music helps Mickey and Siobhan then I say go for it. It sounds like the music makes it harder for Dylan and some others, but you can't force a specific coping strategy on anyone. I'm the quiet, by myself, crying type of person. It irritates me when people try to make me talk. If I want to talk about it I'll do it, if not just leave me alone.

    2. I absolutely think Aura has a right to be angry. I think Logan only thought about himself and not the consequences his action would have on other people.

    3. Aura is human. She still loves Logan, but she is still coping with his death just like everyone else. I think Zach is a huge help for her and she is reacting to her emotions. KISS HIM!!!

    4. I love that she asked Dylan. They seem to have bonded more since they are the two closest people to Logan now. Going with someone less familiar would have just been awkward for everyone.

    5. I'm not angry at Aura, but I am frustrated. She is trying to move on with Zach, but at the same time she is still stringing Logan along. She is trying to just be friends with him and I think Logan is stubborn as hell, but she could have tried harder to make him understand. Logan just wants her to be happy.

    6. This part is just sad. No one is happy. No one is getting what they want. I think everyone learned a lot more about each other though and helped all three grow emotionally.

    7. I don't think I've had a moment where I've really questioned what will happen after a decision is made. Have I done something and then thought later well that was stupid? Yes!

  4. 1.- Mickey and Siobhan were just coping the way they thought was best. However, I think for Mickey, it wasn't that healthy. He needed to talk it out with someone. Music , at that, point, had become too painful for Mickey.

    2.-I was angry at Aura for being angry at Logan. But I think her anger was well placed, Logan has a tendency of acting without thinking of consequences.

    3.-Human. Zach has been trying to help her deal and be her friend while both of them are aware that they would want more. the ension reaches a breaking point and they kiss.

    4.- The first time I didn't like that se asked Dylan, not because of his relationship with Logan, but because he was the third guy. I mean, Logan, Zach and now Dylan!! but now, it has become one of my favorite parts to read. They grew a lot closer over Logan's death and Dylan is a very sweet guy.

    6.- I hurt for Logan. He still believes that Aura loving him means they can still have some type of romantic relationship, even with him being a ghost. I think it is at this point that he truly realizes that it just isn't possible.

  5. I agree with Cristina. Mickey probably needed more than the music to cope with the death of his brother. With that said, I think if someone wants to cope by surrendering to the music, more power to them. I'm definitely the type of person who needs to figure everything out internally first. If/when I'm ready to talk about it, I will.

    I can definitely understand why Aura gets upset. Logan is pretty impulsive and sometimes he doesn't think about how his actions are going to affect others. Meh.

    After everything that's happened, all the emotions flooding her world, it's no surprise what goes down. Also, I'm just going to say it... who could honestly resist kissing Zach? Yum!

    I adore Dylan! I don't think it was creepy, but during my first read I thought it was a little weird... but a good weird. Does that make sense? :P

    Oh Logan. I feel for him, but I think Aura is doing what's best for her in this situation. I'm not mad at her at all, but I think she still needs a wee bit more time to heal. Or maybe that's just me.

    So many feels! This was an important part for our three main peoples, though. They have all been through so much crap, it was good that they were able to mature a bit and get some things figured out... even if it was only a little bit. I must also add that this is just one of the many examples of Jeri's amazing awesomeness, to evoke such emotions in her readers. It's simply amazing.

    Oh my word, yes. Sometimes I honestly think I chose the wrong option and I'm paying for it now... :(