Friday, April 12, 2013

Read-Along: SHIFT Chapters 13 - 20

This particular section of SHIFT made a lot of people gasp out loud, get angry and fall in love with yet another Keeley boy.  Yeah, that's right. It's time to talk about Junior prom. 

**BREAKING NEWS** HOLY SHITE! The kilt has come off! I repeat, the kilt has come off. Check out THIS POST for more details on the Senior prom de-kilting scene!

We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled read-along post. Everyone, say "OMG, HI!" to Marissa!

     Ohayou gozaimasu, fellow readers! I’m Marissa, a reading-obsessed military wife and owner of a bionic elbow. My current place of residence is Misawa-shi, Japan but I was born and raised in Philadelphia (I fangirled a little when I discovered Aura’s family is from there). I used to blog quite frequently at “And many to read before I sleep…” but I fell out of habit of posting and my poor blog has gone by the way side (shame on me). Even though I am no longer an active blogger, I enjoy chatting with my fellow book club members on Facebook and Twitter, and love to interact with the many members of Team Kilt! I’d love to hear from you and you can find me on TwitterFacebook, and Goodreads.

     My adventure into the world of the Shade Series was quite accidental but the best thing that could have happened to me in 2011. I wound up supporting Zachary during the grueling and intense YA Crush Tourney and I’ve been in love with the series, and my fellow team mates ever since. When I signed up for the read-along and was asked to do a guest post, I couldn’t say no. So here I am multitasking: typing to you while wearing my Keeley Brothers tee-shirt (I SPIDER SWEAR that I am!),reading these chapters, all while sipping on some tea. Won’t you join me? Make sure you read Shift chapters 13-20 because I can’t promise I won’t stay non-spoilery. There is A LOT of emotional and physical action in just these seven chapters.            
     I’ll wait for you while you read…

     Can you still breathe? Take a deep breath, in. Deep breath, out. Repeat again until you feel normal. Maybe listen to some Mozart to calm your nerves like Aura does at the end of chapter 20 (and I’m doing right now). Honestly, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at having to talk about these chapters. Here’s to being brave like Aura - let’s jump right in!

  1. What do you think about Eowyn finally revealing that she was also at Newgrange with Aura’s mom and Zachary’s dad? Have you started to form your own theories about Newgrange and the Shift?
  2. How do you feel about Dylan being Aura’s Prom date? Did he make the grade? Was it a good idea?
  3. How are you feeling about Zachary and Aura after all of the Prom night drama? Did you want to throw your book? Want to yell at Zach or maybe bitch out Becca?
  4. How did you feel about Aura’s visit to Dylan?
  5. Do you think Logan is being selfish about sticking around? Was Dylan onto something when he and Logan fought at the prom? What do you think about Logan revealing to Aura he has thought about staying around forever?

     I remember when I first read this section of Shift and reading it again reminded me why I love this series so much. Jeri is a master at putting her readers through the same turbulent emotions that the characters are experiencing. If I were Aura, I’m not sure how I would have handled these events in her life. She is definitely a strong character. I think I would have just hid away in my room and never came back out.

     To wrap up my post today, I’d like to share some of my random thoughts about the section:

  • Reading Aura’s little chat with Zachary’s mom, Fiona, about the upcoming prom and her subtle implication about the important of patience made me smile. I laughed at Fiona’s observation that even Zachary can share the part of the idiocy.
  • THE KILT! How can I post today and NOT mention this glorious moment?After all, it is the staple of TEAM KILT! Zachary may have not been at prom with Aura but you KNOW he was preening for her.
  • And the Moore family motto: “Durum patientia frango,” “By patience, I overcome my difficulties,” Jeri really knows how to hammer home a point, no? ;) 
  • Zach & Aura’s short but charged slow-dance made me melt all over again.
  • How much did I want to become a card-carrying member of Team Dylan after this section? How suave was he with how he tied his tie around Aura’s wrist? Swoon! And when he answered the phone and told Zach off after “the incident.” Did you fist-pump and scream YES? Because I did.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s reading as much as I did. Feel free to either answer some of the questions above or just comment about ALL THE FEELS that happened because, let’s face it; some major roller coasters of emotions happened here! I am looking forward to what you have to say.


  1. These were some tough chapters.
    Prom, geez this has been so tough for me because I sort of wanted like to throw the book like you said, I mean, how did Zach didn't realize Becca was a mean girl, and that phone call.... I went crazy (thankfully thanks to Jeri and his de-kilting scene I think I can now move on from that).

    I think Aura did ok in asking Dylan, she thought of inviting a friend, she clearly haven't realized about Dylan's feelings. I liked him since Shade but in this I was like: hell yeah, Dylan! lol.

    Aura's visit to Dyaln I think it was ok and like she says it felt most like they were trying to search for Logan rather than being something more between them.

    I don't think Logan was selfish, dear boy he makes me cry so much, I really think he was trying to make amends, to do something for the ghosts as for his comments of sticking around I think it was just a random thought I mean I'd be scared to go somewhere unknown but a ghost's life is no life at all :(

    Anyway, cool post Marissa! and wow I didn't know you were in Japan, how cool! I totally want to go xD

  2. Dylan and Aura at the prom? Amazing. I am so happy that they went together. I don't think Dylan has any other kind of feelings towards Aura other that friendship. Both of them get a little confused because they share the pain of having Logan around but knowing that he will leave and it will be like Logan dying all over again.
    Zach and Becca? still cringe a bit at that scene, for Aura that had to go trough that. For Zach that had to have been beyond embarrassed and angry and hurt and thinking he had just really lost his chance to be with Aura.
    Dylan and that phone call? GO DYLAN!! And Aura going to Dylan's house and what almost happens? I now confess that I secretly ship Aura/Dylan. I wanted it to happen. Of course, I am glad that it didn't.
    I don't know about Logan staying forever, but I would have wished him to stay longer. I think for Logan is a natural way to think, he was scared. Scared that passing on would mean he would forget everything and everyone, and even worse, that they would forget about him. (I am getting teary eyed writing this!)

  3. 1. I think it was just a matter of time before Eowyn finally revealed she was at Newgrange with Aura’s mom and Zachary’s dad. I think she didn't want to reveal it until it was absolutely necessary so Aura and Zach wouldn't get caught with all the information.

    2. I love Dylan as Aura's prom date! He was perfect to prevent awkwardness between everyone and a great friend to Aura. Totally kick ass in the limo after!

    3. I love Zach, but he broke my heart at prom. Becca is such a bitch and I definitely yelled at my book. Reading the new senior prom scene helped get over the drama of junior prom.

    4. Aura was still hurting after prom and Dylan was there to comfort her, but I'm glad it didn't go too far.

    5. I don't think Logan sticking around is a great idea, but I don't think he is being selfish. I think he still had some things to work through. He just wants to make sure everyone is content before he can pass on. I think it would be natural to think for even just a moment about staying around. There is so much you would miss out on, but at the same time it's not really like your living those moments either.

  4. There were some major slap you in the face WTFedness moments and then there were some oh my lawd moments that left you squeezing with glee. Jeri definitely sent us on a virtual ride in fiction-land!!

    I was waiting for something major to be revealed about Eowyn. And I had many theories in my head.. thought possible she could've been Aura's long lost sister. But, it all made sense once we found out and I loved the support she gave Zach and Aura.

    Them Shadeboys sure do know how to wrap us around their fingers! Loved the scenes with Dylan... totally didn't see it coming, but it's what needed to happen and an awesome oh my god moment!

    I wanted to pound Zach's face in the concrete over bitchy Becca... but what stopped me, was in my heart I just knew he wouldn't let things get too far. As far as Becca goes... I've never wanted to kick a character's ass so bad in all of my reading life!

    Again, I loved the comfort Dylan offered Aura. I have so much respect for that boy.

    As far as Logan, he needed to stick around in order to gain peace. You can call it selfish or endearment or understanding... whatever. There was an important part to him staying around. And he gained what he needed. They all did.

    Great post Melissa. Sorry it took me a few days to respond.