Monday, April 15, 2013

Read-Along: SHIFT Chapter 21-End

I feel like I'm writing an "OMG! THIS part is the most emotional part of the series!" kind of introduction every time I write an intro post for SHIFT.  Gah, this book. Well, folks. THIS is the third most tearful spot of the series for me and number one most tearful spot for a lot of people. 
ENJOY! (Read-Along reading schedule here.)

Hola Team Kilt! 

We are Gaby & Cris and it is an honor for us to do today’s post on the SHADE series read along.
               Cris: Tell me, Gaby, how did you first hear of this series?
               Gaby: Hi everyone!! Well, I came to know of the series through the YA Crush Tournament, and although I’m saddened that I haven’t read them before so I could have been part of this amazing group earlier, I am glad I did at all because not only I got to discover what a talented author Jeri is,  but I get to know all these wonderful people who have become very dear friends, like you, Cris, you’re like another sister to me now, and we all share our love for this great series  n___n
How about you?
               Cris: I first found out about this amazing series through the book trailer.

I was just browsing through different blogs, looking for something interesting to read, when I came across it, it gave me goose bumps…and that was it. I was in love. The Shade series has become one of my all-time favorites (I read it every year) and Team Kilt has brought many a smile to my face and very especial friendship with you, Gaby. Shift is my favorite book in the series (though it wasn’t always that way), and I love how it can make me laugh and cry the third time I’ve read it just as hard (if not harder), as it I were reading it for the first time. Tell me Gaby, do you have a favorite book in the series?
               Gaby: Geez I don’t know, every book has things I love, I think it’d be between Shift and Shine, because even though Shift is like a roller-coaster of emotions to me (Cris should know since we’ve talked on twitter and txt messages, and she knows how I go crazy with some scenes) but yeah like you say you can go from being happy to cry to wanting to punch prom queens (although maybe that’s just me) and to cry even more, it’s a very human book, filled with emotions we can all relate to at some point. As for Shine, well I do suffer if you have read the book you might know why but most importantly there’s also hope and love in this book so, that’s why I like it too.
               Cris: You can follow us on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook, where I post lots of pictures of my cat and talk about books.
               Gaby: You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and I also have a tumblr account , I think I should apologize in advance if you follow me for my posts I do. I'm a complete geek so you might find lots of Game Of Thrones, cute guys or anime pics.
               Cris: I don’t mind looking at pics of cute guys or anime.
               Right, enough rambling and talking about ourselves. Today’s discussion takes us from Ch. 21 all the way to the heartbreaking end of Shift.
                Aura and Zach are barely talking to each other, Logan is in full rehearsal mode with his band, Eowyn leaves, Zach  and Aura go on a scavenger hunt type thing to find the missing pages on Aura’s mother journal.
               Zach and Aura get taken prisoners by the DMP, they escape and something interesting happens in a river (!!). Aura barely makes it to Logan’s last concert, where Logan turns human, giving Mickey and Siobhan one last chance to say goodbye.
               Zach and his parents get unofficially deported. Aura takes them to the airport and just as she is leaving, she gets a txt from Zach, informing her that he just saw and talk to a ghost.
               Aura goes to the cemetery to visit Logan’s grave, where just before passing on, Logan tells her that he was the ghost Zach saw at the airport.
               Cris: This last part (Logan passing on) is always very difficult for me to read, I always, always cry when I read it. How about you Gaby?
               Gaby: I absolutely agree.  To start I’m happy that Zach and Aura started talking and then patch things up, and then there’s the river scene…

But as the ends come I become like a human faucet or something because I really can’t stop crying. Logan’s death will always be such a tragedy, every death is a tragedy especially the life of a young person who has so much to live and experience. To see Logan moving on is like him dying all over again. And all his words make me cry so much because he did grow up as Aura said, and you just see his love for everyone and his desire for them to be happy even though he will be gone and it just gets to me… see? Just thinking about this is making me cry.

I came to love Logan so very much, he totally became a real person to me, and that’s the wonderful thing about books--the characters come to life for us and Jeri totally did that for me; and it might be silly or maybe I’m just a romantic but Cris and I were talking and we both agreed that Logan being on twitter has kinda make us feel better, so, there’s a little confession. I love my Shade boys so much!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post and here are some topics for discussion:
1.            How did you first find out about the series? Do you have a favorite book in the series?
2.            What was your reaction when you found out about Aura’s dad?
3.            What do you think of Anthony’s relationship with Gina and Aura’s mom, Maria?
4.            Logan’s passing… care to share your thoughts on it?

Feel free to answer any or all these questions, or ask us any questions of your own. Thank you to K&K for letting us take part on the read along and thank you to Jeri for sharing with us her wonderful stories.


  1. 1. I found the series through the first YA Crush Tournament. I was looking for new-to-me YA books to read when I stumbled across the tournament. I wrote down pretty much all the books (I love fictional boys!) and got to reading. My favorite book in the series is Shift. There is so much character growth for pretty much everyone in that book.

    2. My reaction when you found out about Aura’s dad was pretty much O_O followed by "wow I'm kind of glad Aura and Logan didn't get that far."

    3. I'm a little confused about Anthony’s relationship with Gina and Aura’s mom, Maria. He obviously loved Maria and took care of her while she was sick, but why didn't they have a relationship? Why did he have one with an already married Gina instead?

    4. Logan’s passing always makes me cry, but I'm glad he finally found peace. :')

  2. Hi girls! Fantastic post! Yeah... I must agree, the ending chapters of Shift were so very difficult and emotional.

    Like Mary and Gaby, I found out about Shade and Shift through the YA Crush Tourney back in 2011 when Zachary was against Jace <-- I was actually rooting for Jace, haven't read Shade series yet. Then, the most amazing thing EVER happened. Brooke from Brooke Reports slapped me in my face, then sent me Shade and Shift. For 3 days, those books consumed my life. I quickly broke up with Jace. It was over. And two boys held my heart now. Zachary and Logan.... I even have room for Dylan in there too.

    Reaction to Aura's dad = WHOA! WHOA! Whoa.My.God!

    Have to say the relationship between Anthony and Gina and Aura's mom was a bit awkward. But you can't deny your feelings.

    Logan's passing tore me up. Snot was flying everywhere, I think I even fell out on the ground. I got it all out... all that pain. Read it a few times back to back. Each time I read this series, I go through it again. But in the end, what needed to happen, happened. And it's beautiful. And I can smile.

    1. And let me clarify something... I received the books and read in time for the vote (before Zachary vs. Jace) .... so you know I shot down Jace in a heartbeat!

  3. Hi girls! I loved your post!
    1. I found out about the books because of my friends of facebook. I love them more now because of that!

    2.You won't believe me, but I almost screamed "I knew it!"

    3.It was weird for me, and I can't deny that I push those thoughts out of my mind!

    4. I cried like I never cried in my reading life!! That was the worst scene ever! I didn't want him to go away!