Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Read-Along: SHADE Chapters 1 - 11

Today's guest post comes from our good friend Amber at Me, My Shelf and I. Amber brings the fun to every function she attends and today is no exception. Thank you, Amber, for joining us on the Shade Series Read-Along! (Click here for read-along reading schedule.)

When Kilt and Keeley came to me and asked if I would participate in the Shade Series Read-A-Long, I said AYE! I very rarely have the time to reread any of my favorite books, and a read along was a great way to do so!! NOTE: This post is NOT spoiler free!

I’m kicking things off with Chapter 1-11 of SHADE.

I would like to point out that SHADE is the first book in the series. While you might know this, when I started the series myself last year, I did not. So I started with SHIFT, was horribly confused and after asking my friend Jen (of Kilt and Keeley, in fact) I was then horribly embarrassed. Though, we continue to have a a good laugh over the whole situation each time we meet at the pub for an ale.

Since we all kind of get to do our own thing (I think) with our chapters, I’m going to throw you some discussion questions, and give you my answers on them as well. Respond with your answers in the comments! I’ll be checking them through out the day, and will responds when I can!!

This is not as easy as you might think to answer. I always thought that it might be cool to have this ability, but when you see how totally annoyed Aura is with the disemboweled (ew!) woman in the office – you have to think “Could I do that all day every day?” I mean, seeing them – yea ok I could do that as long as they weren’t sneaking up on me or anything…but hearing them…all day….everyday. My head spins at the thought. I can’t even handle the constant chatter of my 3 year old for more than 5 minutes straight before I start to get an eye twitch. So I would have to choose Team Pre-Shifter, I had too and call Aura’s abilities: Totally Annoying.

I’m sorry, but totally a dick move made by a coward! Yeah, he died, but it’s not like in their world the living interacting with the dead is all that weird. I get he needed some time, but it was like a week or more. He didn’t go see Aura or even his little brother….he could have popped in to say he was taking some time. They thought he was gone for good, could you imagine being Aura during this time! Then when he does come back he does it AT his funeral, and well that didn’t go very well. Ugh, I kind of want to beat the ectoplasma out of him now that I’m typing all this out.

100millionbillion% Team Zach. And I would say that even if these 11 chapters were all I had ever read. I like Logan, but I LOVE Zach. LOVE.

I can’t wait to read all your answers below. Answer one question, or all of them – whatever!! Happy reading!


  1. Mmmm. I think I would choose to be a post shifter. I'm totally with you on the annoying part, but I still think it would be cool to be able to see and talk to ghosts. Especially the ones that died a very long time ago.

    I think Logan dissapearing for a while after his death was understandable. I do think he panicked a little, and that, along with the reactions of those around him, made Logan stay away. He saw how much pain his family and friends were in, how much Aura was hurting and maybe thought it would be best if they didn't see him. Also, with him being a post shifter, I don't even occurred to.him that it would be cool for Dylan and Aura to see him.

    Team Logan. My heart will always have a soft spot for that beautiful boy.

  2. 1. While I think it would be so cool to have post shifter abilities (help out the dead make their peace so they could move on), I think I'd stress and it would cut in to my everyday life of personal things I have to deal with. Sooooo... I'll stick with my current status, pre-shifter. BUT, when I could be like Aunt Gina and support ghosts!

    2. I'm gonna agree with dick move, personally... however, I'm glad he did because it added emotion and questions to my reading.

    3. Yes, evil question. If I *had* to choose- while my physical self chooses Logan because we have lots in common- I'd have to go with my emotional self and say Zach. He's real, he's suave, and I 100% know he'd take care of me.

  3. 1. I think I pick Team Post-shifter! .... okay, maybe is not that awesome, but it's worst just to see people watching what you can't. Honestly, I could die scared if all the kids around me start watching what is next to me, and I don't know what it is... so not cool!

    2. Understandable!!!! He died! and maybe he was scared or freaked out. Poor of him! Plus, that makes some of us cry!

    3. Team Logan! Zach is awesome and all, but Logan... I don't know he is just... the kind of boy I'd kill to meet!

  4. I think pre shifter for me. I get distracted far to easily.

    Maybe he was just scared. He disappointed a lot of people in the way he died and he was all about making peolr happy.

    Team Logan. always.

  5. 1. I don't know if I'd want to be a post or pre shifter. I kind of think it would make it a little easier to be a post-shifter, in that I wouldn't be completely in the dark with the ghosts. I kind of like to know what's going on and it would be really difficult to be a pre-shifter in this new world, ya know?

    2. I think he was just freaked out. I mean, I might freak out too if that happened to me. His family and friends were suffering really bad because of something stupid he did... he just didn't want to make it worse.

    3. Oh most definitely Zach. I loved Zachary the instant he showed up in the novel and I grew to love him more and more throughout the trilogy. Seriously, he's amazing! I'm so excited for new readers to see how amazing he is, too!

  6. 1. As much as I think I'd like to see ghosts, I think I'd be a chicken and freak out. Although if I had to live with them all the time, I'm sure I'd grow accustomed to them? Right? Post-shift!

    2. Having made a colossal mistake that caused his death, I understand why he didn't stick around. He probably felt like a major jack4$$. But when I first read the books, I felt Logan was majorly selfish so I didn't really get it at the time. But the fact he stayed gone for so long was a dick move.

    3. I came in to the Shade series as Team Zach thanks to Jen & Amy. He has my heart and there was only one time I wanted to kick his hot Scottish tush, but I'll talk about that on my guest post.

    <3 Shade!!

  7. 1. I have to say pre-shift. It seems like it would be interesting to see ghosts and talk to them, but it would be ALL THE TIME. The only break you would get is if a building is BlackBoxed or a bathroom (ew not about to hang out in there).

    2. It was a huge accident and probably embarrassing, but leaving was a total dick move. I just think that if he stayed and explained what happened people would have understood his mistake.

    3. Team Zach! I have loved him since my first read of the series.

  8. 1. As cool as it would be to talk to someone who had died suddenly and unexpectedly, I don't think I would want to see ghosts All. The. Time. So I'd have to go with pre-shifter.

    2. I think it was understandable that Logan took off right after he died. I imagine he needed some time to figure out how to *be* a ghost and get used to it. Should he have said said something to explain what he was doing rather than just disappearing? Maybe. But, he was only gone for three days, which is really not that long. I think it'd be cool to find out what he was doing during those three days. Just sayin' that if Jeri wanted to write that story, I'd definitely read it. ;)

    3. I love Logan. I mean I really LOVE him. BUT, he's not alive and Zach is. Plus he's Scottish so there's that! ;)