Monday, April 8, 2013

Read-Along: SHADE Chapter 18 - SHIFT Chapter 4

Remember when we said there would be spontaneous bouts of greatness during the Read-Along? Well, guess what? You guys are in for a SURPRISE today! Our good friend Claire is here today to share her thoughts about the Read-Along AND she has an exclusive look into Logan's writing journal. 

OH. MY. GAAAAAAH!  Feast your eyes upon the greatness that we'll soon see even more of in just a few weeks with the release of the BRIDGE ebook.

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Hey all you Shade fans out there, you enjoying the read-along?

Big thanks to the girls at Kilt & Keeley for putting this together.

My name’s Claire and I live in Kent just south east of London, England. I’ve been happily married now for 23 years and have a son of 19 and a fluffy golden retriever called Milly. I have a part time job which funds my reading habit, which has extended this year to a trip to Kansas!!!!!!!!!! Which, OMG, is only 3 weeks away. 

I love my fellow Team Kilters and try really hard to make it to all events, however mad people think I am. I see nothing wrong with getting up at 3 am for a Twitter party.

On a normal day you can find me hiding out on Twitter (@clairehuggy) or chatting with my girls on Facebook at the Times Zones Will Not Defeat Us Book Club page (#TZWNDUBC for short). If you really need to know my reading habits then you can check it out on my Goodreads page.

Really all you need to know about me is I love reading, singing, my girlies online, tea, chocolate and biscuits. I hate housework!

I asked for this post because it has my 4 favourite words which can be found in Shift and at the time I was frantically trying to finish a book, so I didn’t really pay attention to how much of Shade I had. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I found out it was all the way back to Chapter 18, playing post tag at the potato bin.

Firstly let me begin by saying: Ian, I quite understand. Kids can be soooo frustrating. Why can’t they just answer their phones?!

Sandwiched between Zach at the beginning and Zach at the end this is all about...

The Good The Bad & The Beauty that is Logan Keeley.

But first a quick summary. (Well . . . I tried for quick.)

Aura and Zach get busted.

Aura gets some answers

and more questions.

She makes a decision.
Tells Logan it’s over.
Logan shades and comes back.
Aura ends up in the hospital.
Zach steps up...
Then back down.
Logan says goodbye.
Christmas can be kind of lonely.
But it’s ok, Logan has a plan.  The boy’s going out in a blaze of glory.
A final spotlight, leaving the crowd shouting for more.

You ask about my conscience
And I offer you my soul
You ask If I'll grow to be a wise man
Well I ask if I'll grow old
You ask me if I known love
And what it's like to sing songs in the rain
Well, I’ve seen love come
And I've seen it shot down
I've seen it die in vain..............

..........Each night I go to bed
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
No I ain't looking for forgiveness
But before I'm six foot deep
Lord, I got to ask a favor
And I'll hope you'll understand
'Cause I've lived life to the fullest
Let the boy die like a man

The DMP visits Aura, threatening Logan.
Then they visit Dylan
First day of the trial.  Oh how our collective heart’s broke

Logan was gone.  And I was standing in his bedroom
All over again, with my shirt on backward and inside out,
Seeing him in violet,
Feeling my world shatter into so many pieces
that seventy-six days later,
I was still picking them up.”

Aura texted Zach:  ALL OUT OF PATIENCE YET?
Zach texted back:  NOT EVEN CLOSE.
Logan visited Aura. Who sobbed buckets? I’m crying re reading it.
Day two of the trial and Logan took the stand. What was left of our hearts just crumbled
“As for Aura, I hung out with her after I died,
And even though she made me happy,
It killed me not to touch her, it killed me to know we had no future.
And now, because I died, I’ve lost her.”

“I can’t touch, but I can still feel.
And I tell you, if this were my life.......  I wouldn’t want to live.”

*hands out tissues*

Good night and joy be with you all

Logan Shades.
All hell breaks out.
Logan tells Aura, “DON’T WAIT FOR ME.”
Zach gives Aura 6 red roses and 5 yellow.
Aura waits .........................................................

They say shading is a one way trip, but not for Logan.  So Aura puts her life on hold, waits, and on 21st March (the Spring Equinox), Logan returns.

From SHADE to GHOST. From Ghost to...........Time for my 4 favourite words. 

*drum roll please*

I could feel him.

It wasn’t a dream. Logan. Touching.
Logan was solid!
Logan locked Aura’s door and carried her to her bed...
NO! Logan, violet again!
Aura has a date with Zach.
Zach asks Aura to the prom. She says yes.
Aura tells Zach what she nearly did with Logan.
Zach takes back the prom invite.
Aura goes home trying to work out how to get Zach back.
Logan is asked to leave.

That about sums up my 12 emotional roller coaster chapters. I loved every single them all. They made my smile, they made me cry and they made me laugh. They made me want to read them over and over again

Now let me take you back to a moment in Shade that had us all in floods of tears.  It takes up just over 1 page, at the end of chapter 22, but its imprint on the book is huge.

“I don’t know if you can hear me,” Logan whispered,
“but I came to give you something.
Something I shouldn't have kept.”

“Here goes. It’s called ‘Forever.’”
Logan began to sing......

Wasn’t that just an epic song?  I know, awesome!

If you’re intrigued at how Logan arrived at those lyrics I have it on good authority that the “BRIDGE” ebook will give away some of Logan’s secrets. 

And now, here’s an exclusive teaser of exactly how Logan came up with the lyrics of "Forever" soon to be released in the "BRIDGE" ebook.

Scanned images from Logan’s song writing journal.  His thoughts and doodles in conceptualizing it and then you can see his thoughts evolve into actual lyrics.

Discussion points
1. Do you think Mr and Mrs Keeley should have gone through with the court case?
2. In Shift should Aura have told Zach what she and Logan nearly got up to?
3. Quick poll. Roses for love and friendship or a song?


  1. I know. I know. I got the roses round the wrong way. she gave back 5 red roses.
    Subconscious wishful thinking and to much Dr Who maybe. You know, one slight change might make the universe shift. ;)
    Don't hate me

  2. Oh My God! I'm reading this at work and I am barely containing my tears. What an emotional post.

    I think if Logan ask them to stop, they should have. However, as parents, I think they did the right thing. People deal in different ways to the loss of a loved one, for them, having those who gave drugs to their son and therefore contributed to his death, was a way to cope. Also, they are deeply religious and if they are being told their son will pass on by winning a court case...

    Yes. Aura did the right thing by telling Zach.

    A song written for me and sung only to me.

    PS: where and how can I get a button that says "I <3 Logan"?

  3. Tears.welling.up. Wonderful recap, post, & suprprise on including a journal teaser Claire! KUDOS!

    One of the most exciting times I'm looking forward to at RT is meeting you and all my #TeamKilters for the first time, and re-connecting with those who've I met.

    I think Mr & Mrs Keeley handled things the best they could for the situation. Either way they went, it wouldn't bring Logan back. But I could understand their anger, and maybe to try and get justification. Which it would still be hard to find peace in that.

    Everything that Aura & Zach went through, continued to have gone through- yes, she should've. (NOT sure if I would've). Lot's of longing and honesty in their relationship.

    Well... this one is hard. I'm not much of a flower person... but yellow roses are my favorite. When Zachary included those yellow roses-that's when I fell in love with him--when I grew a wonderful respect for his character (SPOILER-even through the prom date, although it killed me)EXIT SPOILER - BUT, BUT, BUT!!! Music is my savior. And lyrics meant for someone, dedicated for someone, stays in your soul forever. I'm going to go with the music!!!

    See you soon Claire xx

  4. Grossly sobbing, this post is beautiful and I can't stop crying...
    You did great Claire.

    I kinda agree with Cris on this, if Logan asked his parents not to continue with this they should have give a second thought to it but then again, losing a son... I can't imagine how horrible and painful that must be, so of course one will do everything they can to try to get some justice, a way to deal with that loss.

    As for Aura telling Zach, as hard as it was for him I think she did good, if she hadn't told him and then later he found out it would have been worse, it took some serious courage to say so, maybe the way she said it wasn't the best but it should have been told.

    Roses or a song? I've never really gotten roses I think but they do are lovely although a song... or must be such a wonderful feeling to get a song written for you alone, so I'll go with that too. But I also love how Zach didn't just give random roses, it became something really special.

    P.S. I do also want an I ♥ Logan button!! xD

  5. Carli B kindly sent me the badge. It's awesome.

  6. *Jesus! let me cry a little more*
    Why? I just wonder why? This chapters really leave me heart-broken! I love Logan so much and he was so sad through all these pages!
    Gosh! I hated Aura and Zach those days (yes, I love them now!)

    I understand Logan's parent, and I really feel that they were doing the best they could to try to find peace.

    Yes, yes! it was very brave of Aura, telling Zach was honest, too. Plus, Zach must know it.

    A song!!!!! 1000000 times, a song! :)

  7. Great post Claire! You broke my heart and made me so happy at the same time! :')

    I feel like while the trial hurt a lot of people, it was what was best for them. They needed some kind of closure, especially since they weren't able to see Logan and talk to him, and getting vengeance (which is essentially what the trial was) was their way of coping, making things better, and I feel that they truly thought it would bring Logan's soul peace too.

    Yes. While I've never had one, I've been told relationships are built on trust ;) and Zach had a right to know that Aura still had feelings for Logan, though I think it's perfectly understandable. He was her first love and rather than breaking up with him because of an arguement or something, he died and she simply had to move on with her life. I don't blame her for the way she acted when she could touch Logan again and I don't really blame Zach for being hurt and upset, but it was good of her to tell him.

    A song. Definitely a song <3 No offence to Zach (or girly girls), but anyone can buy roses and I've never really gotten those generic lovey dovey gifts (though Zach's was super sweet and appropriate, don't get me wrong!), whereas a song is something special between you and the person who made it, and it's much more emotional (plus I'm just a sucker for musicians).

    1. Oh wow! I was only going to post short, one sentence answers to those quesitons! Whoops! >.<

  8. Brilliant post, Claire!

    1. I honestly don't know how I feel about the trial. On the one hand, I understand that it was something Mr. and Mrs. Keeley felt they had to do in order to move on. But on the other hand, seeing Aura and Logan go through it was heartbreaking.

    2. Aura definitely did the right thing in telling Zach about what she and Logan almost did.

    3. I love roses, but they make me sneeze so I'd have to go with a song. Having my very own Logan to play guitar and sing to me would be like a dream come true.

  9. I'm an emotional mess today and this just added to it. Great post, Claire!

    1. I'm torn about the court case. Do I think it helped Logan? Maybe a bit. Do I think it would help protect kids in the band's position in the future? Not really. Do I think it was all about the money? No. I don't think they were aware how it was going to hurt Logan or Aura or what personal information was going to be brought up. I think they were just trying to help their son. Perhaps they just went about it the wrong way.

    2. I absolutely think Aura should have told Zach. She was serious about wanting to start a relationship with him and if she hadn't have told him it just would have hurt him even more if/when he found out in the future.

    3. I love both of these! I think the roses are classy and to have it split between love and friendship to allow her to choose was perfect. The song is much more personal and can say exactly how you feel without having to second guess what it means.

  10. Great post, Claire!

    1. The trial is a touchy subject. I think Mr. & Mrs. Keeley were hoping the trial would give them some sort of retribution against the record company (not about the money), and they were told it could help Logan move on. Even after Logan died, they were still trying to protect him and do what was right for him (even though it was majorly misguided). I really felt for poor Aura & Logan having their relationship opened to the public like that.

    2. Aura did the right thing in sharing the information with Zach. At least she was up front about her feelings and confusion about trying to move on but still being drawn in to Logan, especially when he became corporeal. And I don't really blame Zach for taking back the prom invitation, I totally get it.

    3. I don't think I could pick either gesture of romance. Flowers might be over-done, but any token of love, whether flowers, chocolates, or a song written on your behalf, are all amazing and should be cherished no matter what. <3

  11. I can see why Mr & Mrs Keeley wanted the trial, but it was really hard to see Logan and Aura suffer so much through it. I know his family was suffering too, but they were the ones who wanted the trial. I think I would have probably done the same thing if I was in their shoes, though.

    I am SO GLAD Aura told Zachary about her little thing with Logan. I feel bad for both Aura and Zach in this situation. I think they both handled it really well, regardless of the fact it must have been extremely difficult.

    I've never had either, so I would be really happy with both! A song is definitely very personal, but the flowers were also great because there was so much thought behind them. I love when a gift has thought behind it. I can pick both, right? Hee hee.