Monday, April 1, 2013

Read-Along: The Kick Off Post

Readers. Start your engines. It's GO TIME!

Welcome to our first (annual?) SHADE series Read-Along! We're mighty glad you've joined us. Not only will we be spending the next month reading and talking about the our favorite series, we've planned some seriously awesome giveaways (there are Moore coming!) and we get to chat it up with The Woman Upstairs on May 8th. Epic, right?!?  Plus, with Team Kilt, spontaneous goodness is sure to happen.

So, let's get to the rules of this very strict read-along.

The first rule of the read-along is don't talk about the read-along. KIDDING! Tell everyone, yo! Participants can start reading anytime during the month of April and still be eligible for our grand prize giveaway. (We've updated this a bit. You can post your review(s) to Amazon or Barnes & Noble in lieu of Goodreads if you prefer. Or post to all three!)

Aaaaaand we're out of rules.

As a reminder, here is the reading schedule for the read-along. You'll notice that we have two open spots for guest posters. Email us (admin at kiltandkeeley dot com) if you're interested in taking one of them. You will be subjected to my raging fangirl self if these remain open. Consider yourself warned.

Check in on each of these days to join in the conversation, update us on your progress and talk about the related reading. Each post will be up bright and early in the morning so you can check in whenever your schedule allows.

We'll be talking about our reading adventure on the #ShadeReadAlong hashtag on Twitter and you should, too! Let's promise to not put spoilers on that hashtag, though, since we have some new readers joining us. Spoilers can (and more than likely will) be posted on the read-along posts, so beware. :)

Oh, one last thing! Share your favorite Shade series quotes with us and we might even add them to our quote generator. The world needs more Shade quotes! You can email them or share them here or send us a telegram or post them on the discussion posts or whatever. You get the idea. Share 'em.

Any questions? Leave them for us here and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks so much for joining us!

PS - Did you introduce someone to the Shade series through this read-along? If so, we have a special giveaway just for you. Details HERE.

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  1. Ooer... so it begins! I'm so excited to read these again! I've dragged my sister along with me, too... should be a blast! :)