Friday, April 26, 2013

Read-Along: BRIDGE

I can't be 100% certain, but I suspect that the fine residents in the house two doors down the road heard me scream when I realized that Logan's story, "Bridge", was written in verse. My favorite author writing in a style that I'd just recently realized I love? Clearly, I'd won the lottery.  
As it turns out, that's not my favorite part of the story.
Nope. Turns out, I like Logan a whole heck of a lot more than I thought I did. Which was a lot to begin with, really. See, we only get to see Logan through Aura's eyes in the Shade series. No doubt, Aura is in love with Logan, but as the reader, we also see the frustration and anger she experiences with Logan throughout the series. For me, those moments of frustration outweigh the giddy "OMG! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" feelings that Aura has for Logan because of where they are in their relationship when we meet them. As such, it was easy for ME to feel frustrated with Logan throughout the series. (Random thought that occurred to me while writing: I wonder if I'd be a hardcore Logan girl if I'd had meet Aura and Logan while they were falling in love. *thinks about Zachary* Probably not, but STILL.  Thoughts to think about.)
Bottom line for me: Logan is all about Logan. OK, this is an over exaggeration. Logan is *mostly* about Logan. (Five words, folks: "Because she was worth it." *sigh*)  Which brings me to my point...
Turns out, I freaking love Logan Keeley. Hard. (Also, all the turning I'm doing in this post is making me dizzy. Someone please stop the room from spinning!) Sure, Logan is *mostly* about Logan but we get to see where he's coming from in "Bridge".  I now understand that his need to be the center of attention is used to mask his own fears and insecurities.  Through his story, the reader gets to see that LPK is so much more than he appears to be. Here's a guy who comes across as an egomaniac but his REAL downfall is that he cares too much about other people. How's that for irony?
And Mickey. *sigh* I think we could (and should) start a thorough discussion about Mickey Keeley some day. His journey in this story is as important as Logan's. It is in "Bridge" that I finally get a sense that Mickey is going to be ok. Probably never completely whole, but at a spot where he can start to move past Logan's death. (I can practically feel him glare at me for saying that. *shivers*) Let's talk about this in greater detail soon. It'll be like an extended read-along discussion time.
Now. Before we get to the part where you guys stop reading this post because it's too damn rambly, I'd like to ask each of you reading this post to click on over to Amazon right now and buy Bridge for your Shade series shrine. (I'm not the only one with of these, right?) If you already have it, you rock! Now, go buy it again and gift it to a friend that you'd like to introduce to the series. Even if you already own ENTHRALLED (the anthology in which "Bridge" was first published) you need the newly released ebook version because of ALL THE THINGS YOU GET.   We got to interview Logan & Mickey about some of the goings on in "Bridge" and Jeri included that interview in this ebook. (GUYS! We got to sit down with the Keeley Brothers! *does victory dance*)
Which leads me to my three part discussion question. What one question would you like to ask Logan about "Bridge"? What one question would you like to ask Mickey about "Bridge"? How about Krista--what would you like to ask her?


  1. LOVED it! You said ALL THE THINGS that I feel about Logan. I love that boy like no one else and those reasons you mentioned are why it took until my third read of SHINE to not sob uncontrollably whenever Logan was mentioned.

    I read this quickly because I'm *supposed* to be working since I'm at work (weird, I know!) so I'll be back to answer the question when I've had time to think on it.

  2. Okay! this is the part where I say "LOGAN IS MINE" but I can share, sure!
    I love love love Bridge!! It's my favorite short-story, my favorite Shade-story, my favorite boy-story.
    Whatever! I just have one question to Logan, but it's not about Bridge.

    Dear Logan: Will you marry me? :)

  3. My question to Logan: If you could make three different, single wishes for your siblings, what would they be?

    My question to Mickey: Did you get rid of the gun or pack it away?

    My question to Krista: Do you think Mickey is cute?