Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SHADE READ-ALONG: Guest Posters Wanted

We're looking for a few good guest posters!

In 12 short days, we're launching our first ever SHADE series read-along. We are SO VERY EXCITED for this event that is sure to bring together long time fans and new readers to the series. The read-along is taking place during the entire month of April and it's no accident that its end coincides with Team Kilt Con in Kansas City, MO on 05/05/13! (Are you coming!?!)

You guys sit and listen to Jen D. and I blab an awful lot, so we thought we'd bring some fresh voices into the mix! How cool would it be to have Team Kilt members post discussion questions or point out items of particular interest during the read-along? Answer: Very Cool.  So we're doing just that.

Are you interested in doing a guest post on the Kilt & Keeley fansite?

What does it mean to be a guest poster? What will I have to do? 
We're looking for a total of 10 people to write a discussion post about SHADE, SHIFT or SHINE. Your post should be typed up in Microsoft Word and include two or three discussion questions/points that relate to a certain set of chapters assigned to you. Open the post by telling us a little about yourself and proclaim your love for your favorite SHADE series book. You can include a picture of yourself or of something that tells us a bit about you, too, if you'd like.

How can I become a guest poster?
Simply send us an email (admin at no later than Sunday, March 24 telling us you're interested. Tell us your name, email address and what book you'd like to post about. (See schedule below)  Your post will be due to us FIVE DAYS before it is scheduled to be posted on the site. Please keep this in mind when selecting which book you'd like to post about.  You will receive a confirmation email with further details once we assign posts. 

04/01/13 -- Kick Off Post by Kilt & Keeley 
04/03/13 -- SHADE Ch 1-11 
04/05/13 -- SHADE Ch 12-18 
04/08/13 -- SHADE Ch 18 - SHIFT Ch 4 
04/10/13 -- SHIFT Ch 5-12 
04/12/13 -- SHIFT Ch 13-20 
04/15/13 -- SHIFT Ch 21 - End 
04/17/13 -- SHINE Ch 1-11 
04/19/13 -- SHINE Ch 12-20 
04/22/13 -- SHINE Ch 21-32 
04/24/13 -- SHINE Ch 33- End 
04/26/13 -- BRIDGE by Kilt & Keeley

We've got lots of goodies in store for this read-along and we'd love to have you join in on the fun, as either a guest poster OR a participant. 

Ask any questions you may have regarding the guest post opportunity in the comments section of this post and we'll address them here.

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