Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Team Kilt Tuesday {18}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!
Hello, loves!
You may not know this, but there are HUGE THINGS going on around here. Like, gigantical. So much, in fact, that we're finding it a little hard to keep up with our award winning Team Kilt Tuesday posts. (The award is imaginary, but shake your head and go with it.) So, to make a long story short, we're going to put a temporary hold on the Team Kilt Tuesday posts.  
WHOA. Put down the pitchforks. We know how much you love them. We love them, too! (Jen D. and I giggle virtually together almost every week while writing them. That girl is hill-air-e-us!) So, here's the scoop.
BIG, HUGE, LARGE, GIGANTIC things are taking time to put together. Time that is desperately needed to accomplish said big, huge, large, gigantic things, you know? So don't despair! We'll be back soon. We can't stay away from you, Team Kilt. You are our life now. 
What was that? You want to know what kind of things we're doing? Okay. Here are three of the eleventy pokers we have in the fire right now:
1. TEAM KILT CON - We are *this* close to flooding you with information about this incredible day. Make sure you're in Kansas City, MO on May 5.
2. READ-ALONG - We're tying up the last few loose ends on a K&K sponsored SHADE Series Read-Along. Sign ups open up next month with the read-along happening during the month of April.
3. WEBSITE ENHANCEMENTS - You might have noticed a slight change to the menu bar. *nods* Oh, yeah. Change is coming.
But, wait! There's more. Only, we're not telling you all the things. We have to keep you wanting more. (Gee. I wonder who we learned THAT from. *shifty eyes to Jeri*)
Stay tuned, Team Kilt! You'll probably be hearing from us more in the next sixty days than you have in the six months. We hope you'll still love us mid-May.
See you soooooooooon!


  1. Oh yay!! I cannot wait for the Read-along!!! This is my chance to read -again- my lovely books!!

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  3. If I get anymore excited I might burst.