Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Team Kilt Tuesday {16}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!
The time has come where Jen S. and I open ourselves to the KILT AND KEELEY inquisition. Since we hi-jack the Kilt and Keeley site each week for #TeamKilt Tuesday we've dubbed today 
After a very long, very questionable conversation to we figured it was time to let YOU interview US. Any question you want to ask (if it's a Rated R question we may not choose to answer) leave it in the comments. Then we'll answer them here on #TeamKilt Tuesday. I'm not telling you when, we have to have some mystery after all. 
Have fun and be creative! And if there's a specific person you want to direct your question to then let us know! 


  1. This question goes to each Team Kilt Administrator. When did each of you discover Shade? What made Ficticious Delicious decide to become advocates for Zachary? What is each of your favorite song from Shade series play list? What do y'all like to do for fun outside of reading? Will you all be my valentines?

    1. GREAT questions!

      I discovered Shade by attending an author chat hosted by Eve's Fan Garden. There was this really witty author named Jeri Smith-Ready in attendance and I liked her immediately. I *think* I won a signed copy of Shade at that event and fell in love with it. Obviously. :)

      Fictitious Delicious became advocates for Zachary when Amy and I saw the call for nominees from the YA Sisterhood. The funny thing? We BOTH nominated him with telling each other.

      There are a number of songs on the Shade series playlist that I LOVE. I have to go with "I Will Possess Your Heart" by DCFC, though. Not because it is my favorite song, per se, but because the meaning behind it makes my heart beat really fast. <3

      Would you believe I quilt? I haven't made time for that particular hobby in a really long time, but I enjoy it immensely!

      I will absolutely be your Valentine! *smootches*

      Thanks for questions, Valentine!

      <3 Jen S.

  2. What has been your favourite Team Kilt moment so far and what team kilt events that you have up your sleeves are you most excited about?
    what are your favourite films?

    1. Claire! *tackle hug*

      There are two Team Kilt moments that stand out for me more than any others. Can I pick two? Ok, great! The 2011 YA Crush Tournament was one of my favorite moments EVER. It's the event that coined the term "Team Kilt" and brought the fandom together in a way no other event would ever have been able to. (Check out this link to see recaps of the whole event: http://www.kiltandkeeley.com/p/ya-crush-tourney.html )

      My other favourite Team Kilt moment was Team Kilt Con 2012. The opportunity to spend a weekend with Team Kilt talking about all things SHADE was another one of those magical experiences that makes Team Kilt like no other fandom out there.

      You're going to make me spill the beans on one of the events we have planned! Well, Claire, as you know (because you're helping!) a SHADE series read along is in the planning process right now. Details for a read along during the month of April will be coming soon!

      I fall in love with films really easily, but I'll share two of my all time favorites as long as you promise not to laugh and still be my friend afterwards, okay? For some unknown reason, I love the film "Showgirls". It's a really horrible movie, actually, but something about it makes me like it. I also love the movie "Rock Star". Again, a not so great movie, but at least I know WHY I love it like I do. *cough*MarkWalberg*cough*

      Thanks for asking these questions (and making me spill the beans!)

      <3 Jen S.