Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Team Kilt Tuesday {14}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!

The following videos are the total and complete inspiration behind the whole idea of "Team Kilt Tuesday". I was watching Scottish related videos on YouTube one Friday night (ok, fine. I was watching videos of The Twilight Sad. Can you blame me? Those guys...well. I like them. A lot. *makes note to write a Team Kilt post about badass Scottish bands* Anyway. I highly recommend spending time watching The Twilight Sad on YouTube. Because they're great. And cool. And really know how to use a whammy bar. And that VOICE. That voice can both soothe and excite. It's magical! ) Sorry. Got distracted.
For REAL, though. I WAS scrounging the internet looking for fun things to do during that one crush tournament this summer and came across....ORIGAMI LOCH NESS MONSTERS! An activity that didn't fit the tournament but would be PERFECT for a weekly feature on the blog. The idea was bookmarked and saved and today it's coming out to PLAY!
Do you guys want to make origami loch ness monsters? (I REALLY hope at least one of you says yes.) Then come on! Your nessie doesn't have to be made per the instructions on these happy Italian videos. We're only providing them to you in case you need instructions. They're pretty good. SIDENOTE: What is that song that keeps playing over and over?  I swear I know it from somewhere!  

Take pictures of your Origami Loch Ness Monster masterpiece and either email them to us teamkilt at kiltandkeeley dot com or tweet them on the #TeamKilt hashtag or throw them up on Facebook and tag us this week. Whatever works for you, works for us. 
We'll do a post over the weekend showcasing your nimble finger skills!

PS - Can I just say for the umpteenth time that I LOVE our new SHADE quote widget on the right sidebar over there? I seriously come by a few times a week and refresh the page just to see what I'll get next. My love for this series knows no end. *sigh*


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I am definitely NOT good at origami, but one of my daughters is. I am SO having her make an entire...herd? gaggle? flock? of Nessies when she gets home. YAY!

  2. I wish I had the time to! Maybe someone would love me enough to make one for me *bats eyes* lol .. can't wait to see what everyone does! And <3 Twilight Sad! And really really <3 the widget! I can count on it to make me smile :)

  3. -- I will try to do so, after all I'm in the land of Origami paper!! :)

    -- The music on repeat is the main title screen from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game. It's thematic so if your family plays any of the Elder Scrolls games: Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim, you've heard the main theme hidden all over :)