Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Kilt Tuesday {13}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!
It's a new year and we need new ideas!  From you...because, well, this is TEAM KILT TUESDAY. For you and about you!
So leave us a comment and tell us what YOU want to see. Interviews, picture of the week, Mad Libs, Trivia, #TeamKilt stories (if you have one you want to share email us!) Anything you can think of let us know.

I'll give you a picture to help get your wheels turning (imagine this guy on a runnin' on a wheel. I know it's a bunny, work with me on this one.) 


  1. Well Mad-libs are always fun, I really enjoyed them !

  2. Mad Libs, Trivia, character interviews, pictures (picked by you or submitted by the fans), Team Kilt shenangian highlights, fan choices for music that reminds them of the series