Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Team Kilt Tuesday {7}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!

This week we're getting ready for Christmas. TEAM KILT STYLE!

I scoured through the deep Minnesota woods last night looking for the perfect Team Kilt Christmas Tree. It was a tough task! We have 68 feet of snow and the temperature was +1 degree fahrenheit  (That last sentence is a complete lie and added only to improve the entertainment factor of this post.) (Actually, this whole paragraph is a lie.  I didn't go into the woods, either.) 

But I DID find us a Team Kilt Christmas Tree!

This beautiful specimen is of the rare gimpified Scots Pine variety. Only ONE exists in the whole wide world and it is HERE. I think you'll agree that it is quite exquisite. But it's a little...naked. 

Please don't mock my image making skills.  I'm a numbers girl, not a digital Christmas tree maker.

This is where the fun begins. We want you to decorate the Christmas Tree, Team Kilt! 

Remember the Team Kilt Wishing Tree that Fictitious Delicious did this summer? This is the same concept! Email us the image you'd like to us as your Team Kilt ornament and we'll trim this tree in the best possible way. (teamkilt at kiltandkeeley dot com) We'll take your submissions all week.

This is sure to get us all in the holiday spirit! I personally cannot WAIT to see what a Team Kilt Christmas tree looks like. I've no doubt it will be incredible.

BTW, did you know that the Scots Pine is the national tree of Scotland? It is! Maybe we should make the Gimpified Scots Pine the official tree of Team Kilt, aye?

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