Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MAD LIBS: A Team Kilt Thanksgiving

Since we can't all be together on Thanksgiving Day, we thought we'd have a virtual Thanksgiving Day celebration with Team Kilt members. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued. Pull up a chair and join us for a Thanksgiving Day you're sure to remember for...a while.

Team Kilt Thanksgiving Feast

This Thanksgiving, Team Kilt decided to have everyone over to HACK and TOUCH together. Usually, we fly to KANSAS CITY and celebrate by LICKING a BEAVER
over a fire—SNOW GLOBE with the locals. But ever since grandma pulled her ROCK during POONANI class, we haven’t been able to travel that far.

So here we are, in MARTIN’S TROUSERS ready to make the big Thanksgiving meal. I know it may sound KINKY, but our family prefers to eat OCELOT as the main course.
We serve this with a side of finely sliced PILLOWS, one big BED and a delicate compote made of pig COCHLEA. We wash it down with the most expensive CAPRI SUN we can find.

The young kids all help by setting the CUPCAKE and making sure everything is YEASTY. Then they run through the house LIGHTLY at least 314 times chanting: “TO THE SAC!” This is when the fun begins.

In the meantime, the adults are gossiping about the latest problems facing RYAN LOCHTE and trying to decide whose life is the biggest mess. Of course, the family always picks on MELISSA (@3fixedhearts) first, because she has the biggest BRACES and everyone is secretly jealous about that. MELISSA gets so upset that she picks up the her BOUDIN and chucks it at JEN D. (@jennah_scott). But instead of hitting JEN D. the BOUDIN hits grandma in her FINGERS. Subsequently, she fell backwards, which then knocked off her SCARF much to everyone’s surprise. We leaned over to see if she was seriously hurt, but she wasn’t. All she did was bang her CROTCH against the COFFEE MAKER, which caused her to PURR uncontrollably. We all got a good laugh at that, even grandma.

After all that excitement, we decided it was time to eat. Everyone was served their meal in the traditional SPATULA and before you knew it, we were full and needed to loosen our BATHING SUIT. You know the drill after that - probably just like your traditional Thanksgiving day. The men clean up the dishes, while the women go in the living room to GRIND and watch some COMMUNITY.

OK, laugh out loud for 10 minutes and then come back and be serious for, like, 5 seconds.

This Thanksgiving, we are so very thankful for YOU, Team Kilt. We love you like mad! You mean everything to us and we're so glad to be a part of this crazy community. Now, get to grinding!


  1. I am sweating and spitting- throwing a complete laughter fit!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Thanks Jen S. and #TeamKilt for the good times!!

  2. I loved this!! LOL!!
    Although we don't celebrate thanksgiving I gotta say I'm really thankful to be part of Team Kilt, you are definitely family to me! Love you all! ♥

  3. That was hilarious! One of the best madlibs ever! I am also thankful for #teamkilt!!! <3

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Team Kilt :) For those of you that don't celebrate, Happy Thursday! Love all of you awesome people! Thankful for internet family such as each of you.

    Best Mad Libs ever!

  5. OMG!! Thanks for that!! My hubby thinks I'm crazy now because of the uncontrollable laughter !!! Sorry I missed it! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TEAMKILT!!

  6. Omg that got my Wednesday if to a giggling mess.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my awesome chums across the pond. <3 u guys

    1. It should have been "OFF" not "IF" but my phone went into a flat spin and would only let me press publish! Tut tut phone.

  7. HAHAHAHA!!!

    I love #TeamKilt SO FREAKIN' MUCH!!