Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Jeri Smith-Ready Style

There are so many things to love about Jeri Smith-Ready.  I mean, she's OBVIOUSLY got wicked dance moves, but those dance moves ain't got nothing on the crazy amount of compassion she has.

Late last week, Jeri announced a "Give a little (to Sandy relif), get a little (books and swag)!" promotion to encourage her readers to give a little to one of many relief organizations on the ground helping victions of Hurricane Sandy.  Here's the deal: You make an online donation to any relief organization you'd like, tell Jeri you did it and then pick some really cool swag or books from Jeri as a thank you!  That's a double win for donors!  PLEASE consider a donation today. Even $5 makes a difference, guys.

As of the writing of this blog post (Thursday afternoon), readers have donated a total of $105! That's AWESOME. Can we get that total to $200? I think we can. Heck, I'll tell you what...

If SHADE fans get that total to $300 before the day is over, the K&K admins will make a Gangnam Style dance video for you. How's THAT for an incentive? (Wait. Is that actually a deterrent? If so, NEVER MIND.)

Thanks for your generosity!

ps - Dear Jeri, Sorry for the flat head I gave you in this picture. I'm not all that great with the lasso tool.

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