Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Team Kilt Tuesday {1}

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!

We thought we'd start things off by sharing with the world exactly what Team Kilt IS.  Sure, Team Kilt is a fandom, but there are LOTS of fandoms. What makes us unique? How did the Team Kilt hashtag made up by Amy to promote Zachary during the 2011 YA Crush Tourney on Twitter turn into a well known community in the YA world?  Maybe it's MAGIC. Or maybe it's something else.

Tell us how you'd explain Team Kilt to someone who is not familiar with who we are. Give us the who, what, when, why and how's by leaving a comment on this post. Your explanation can be expressed with words, pictures, drawings, graphics, hieroglyphics, whatever. Make it as unique as we are.

We'll be selecting a handful of entries to use on the introduction page of our upcoming "Team Kilt" section of the website.  Cool, right?  We think there is no one more qualified to tell the world about Team Kilt than a passionate member of the family. While we'll be happy to take your Team Kilt stories indefinitely, we'll be choosing entries for the Team Kilt intro page sometime during the evening hours of Sunday, October 7.

If you'd prefer to submit your Team Kilt Tuesday entry on your own blog, grab the Team Kilt Tuesday button to include in your post and leave a link to your post in the comments below.

We can't wait to see what you come up with, Team Kilt! Without question, it will be awesome.

<3 Jen S.

PS - A bazillion thanks to Jen D. for coming up with the idea for Team Kilt Tuesday and to Juli for designing such a kick-arse button.  You guys ROCK.


  1. When I carry my Team Kilt tote or people notice my Team Kilt button on my library bag, here's how I explain it to people who ask:

    It's proof of the power of books - Team Kilt is an amazing group of people from all over the world brought together by their love for (obsession with?) Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series. They're absolutely the best people, hands down.

    Inevitably the next question is - "Why KILT? Why not TEAM SHADE?" You can only imagine where this goes right? So many things to talk about - Zachary & all his awesomeness, all things Scottish and just kilts in general.


  2. When someone asks me, what is Team Kilt? I simply say: we're a group of crazy fans who adore all things Jeri Smith-Ready and the world she created inside the Shade series. We're also a group of individuals who took it one step further. Our love for this book series has spurred an endless love for each other. It's amazing to find people who understand and appreciate your passion for reading!

  3. "What's Team Kilt?"

    Well, to me Team Kilt is a family. We're a group of people: very different, unique people that can put aside whatever differences that we have to come together to celebrate the wonder of amazing writing - the writing of Jeri. We can interact and fanboy/girl over amazing, relate-able characters and we can have fun and be creative too.

  4. Team Kilt.. Well I followed Jeri, Logan and Zach on twitter before I ever read the series. I started reading the books the next day. I loved the interaction between the guys and their fans and Jeri. They all treated everyone as friends and was welcoming. I've met some really fantastic people whom I call friends and love dearly thanks to Team Kilt. It's more than just "fans" gushing over the series. We've all actually become a family. We share ups and downs and someone is always around to pick another up if they are having a bad day. We share our love of reading without the worrying of being judged by it. People may think we are crazy. Well we are lol but once you see it you realize what we have is lasting. The laughs, loves, singing and dancing. The best of friends and memories all in one place! Who could ask for anything more :)

  5. how much more can u add to what has already been said! u guys have hit everything great about #TeamKilt! But here are somethings that #TeamKilt means to me!! its a family of great people who share a love of reading,music,kilt wearing hot guys,and fangirl screaming because those #SHADEboys light up our life!! With us it doesnt matter how old we are or where in the world we are we all come together under the same awesome plaid banner!! Not to mention i think Jeri has to be one of the greatest authors alive!! she puts so much into #TeamKilt! and while we like all the perks we are not here for the swag or books (although #TeamKilt swag is legendary) we just want to celebrate Jeri and the Shade books!!! WE ARE THE LEGION KNOW AS #TEAMKILT !! (legion sounds so cool huh lol)

  6. What Team Kilt is to me, is my humble, whacky literary abode. I don't want to remember what the reading world without Team Kilt was like. I want to always remember what Jeri's words are like.

    We are a group of avid supporters and I stand proud as a member and to support one of the best authors out there (that's you TWU), crush on a few of the best characters out there (that's y'all Aura, Logan, Zachary, Dylan, Martin), and through this amazing team, I've established some really great friendships that I will cherish a lifetime. What I like most, is that we can all be ourselves and have fun and all have a totally rad thing in common. Shade Trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready.

    Love y'all, like ice cream!! Ooooh what shall our flavor be? Hobnobs?

  7. To me Team Kilt is all about love!
    We're a group of people that got together out of our love for this amazing books and of course our love for Jeri who is not just a great author but has proven to be a wonderful person.
    We have laughed, cried but most of all we have loved reading Shade, and since I joined Team Kilt I have found a new group of friends... a family who share that same love I feel. And the people in this family are great, we're honest and true to our beloved series and that will never ever change, this is an everlasting and unwavering love.

  8. Team Kilt.

    I love you because you join in on my weirdness.

    We are one big eclectic family that fills the world with laughter, love and hugs.

    I wouldn't be without them. They make me smile. :-)

  9. Team Kilt isn't just about Jeri and the SHADE trilogy. Yes, that's where it started, but it's grown into something much more. It's a community of people from around the world who support each other whether it be by giving an encouraging word when things aren't going so well or by fangirl-ing with you over a boy in a book. Jeri's words and characters brought us all together, but our strength lies in the fact that we're bigger than just one series of books. And that is why I'm proud to call myself a member of Team Kilt!