Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Our favorite dude is celebrating his 17th birthday today. Again. Because, you know, he's forever 17.

Anyway..  Happy Birthday, LPK! We love you like mad and can't wait to celebrate with you throughout the day!

Logan will be tweeting like a birthday boy all day today on Twitter using the #tweetlikeabirthdayboy hashtag. We're anxious to see just what that means!  Whatever it is, it's sure to be awesome.

The birthday boy has mentioned that he has a surprise for all of his adoring fans sometime in the afternoon.  YOU GUYS! What could it be?!?  (One of his birthday wishes was to see the Orioles in the World Series this year. Maybe he pulled some strings and made the Orioles win that last series against the Yankees?) We'll be refreshing our Twitter feed like mad throughout the day and will let you all know what it is when it's revealed. *is anxious*

The day will be capped off with a Shade Boys chat on Twitter!  WOO-HOO! Tune in at 10:00pm ET/9:00PM CT on the #SHADEboys hashtag where a good time is guaranteed to be had. Be sure you're following Logan (@Keeley_Logan), Zachary (@Moore_Zachary) and Martin (@Connelly_Martin) so you don't miss a single thing. We'll see about getting a transcript posted so those of you who aren't on Twitter can still see the epicness that goes down.

Lastly, we started a Pinterest Board for Logan's birthday.  If you have a virtual gift or tumblr/blog post entry to share, please let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Email and we'll be sure to get it posted for the whole world to see.

Hope to see you all throughout the day as we celebrate Logan's 17th birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Logan!! You're the best!!

  2. LOVE the avi (which I know isn't an avi here, but since Logan is using it as his avi, that's what I'm calling it.) :D

  3. Happy happy birthday to my lovely and awesome Logan!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!