Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[GUEST POST] Martin Announces "Caption This" Contest Winners

Hiya! This is Martin Connelly, Zachary Moore’s best mate. Last week this animated .gif image somehow made its merry way into my awareness:

I was asked to judge a Caption Contest for this image, since it was my idea I know Zachary best of anyone (except perhaps Aura, and I don’t think she’d find some of these captions as funny as I do, so it’s best if she stays out of internetty things).

In no particular order, here are the 2—no, 5—runners-up! Prize: Team Kilt sticker and magnet.


Gaby Pendragon: "And ye sure this video is for Aura, aye Martin?"

Several people thought they could win extra points by mentioning me. And it worked! But this was my favourite “Martin Caption”, cos it captured the fun side of our relationship perfectly. I could actually see this happening.


Wendy Norris Roberts: “Before the ‘white room’ I wasn't afraid to close my eyes and dream of you. Now I sometimes I wonder if this is the dream and I will wake up back there.”

Lots of entries mentioned dreams of Aura, but this one moved me most, cos I know Zachary has had this precise thought. L


Heather Reid: “I warn ye, lassie. Once ye go Zach, ye can never go back.”

Out of all the entries, this made me laugh hardest. I was walking through the house reading the captions on my phone, and I stopped halfway up the stairs just to howl at this one. “Once ye go Zach, ye can never go back” NEEDS to be on an avi. And I need to say it to him at least once a week.


Kendra: “I can't sleep without you here, Aura, but I can't dream of you without sleeping.”

A sad dilemma. I like the nod to his insomnia.


Jamie Manning: "Ye can't resist the slow blink. Aye, no one can."

Funny cos it’s true! Not that I’ve ever…em…


ANYWAY. Time to announce the winner of the print copy of Zachary’s novella, “Shattered”.

Judy (shellseeker93): “Aura: ‘Blink once if you want me to take it off.’”

Clever! I love how she thought “out of the box” and went for another person’s words rather than Zach’s. It fits the image perfectly, and it creates a whole scene instead of just what’s inside his heid. And it’s a wee bit naughty, but not so filthy as to burn my virgin eyes. (Stop laughing, I’m more demure than you’d suppose.)

Congratulations, Judy—lovely job!

Cheers to everyone who entered. It was a very, very, very, very difficult choice. EVERY entry either made me laugh or go, “Awwww”. From the thoughts you put in his head or words you put in his mouth, it’s obvious how much you adore Zachary.

As you should.


Jen S. here now.  If you aren't familiar with the "Caption This" contest, check out THIS POST. Comments are closed because the contest is over, but you should go check out all 132 comments. They are superb!

Winners, please email your mailing address to admin@kiltandkeeley so that prizes can be mailed out. Team Kilt magnet/sticker packs will be mailed within the next two weeks, but Judy will have to wait a wee bit longer for her print copy of SHATTERED. :)

Thanks to all who participated! 


  1. Yay, I won something, not a copy of Shattered but this was such a fun contest I was happy to participate and that you enjoyed the captions I made. Thank you!!

    Congrats to everyone and of course specially to Judy! n__n

    As always we keep proving Team Kilt is the best!

  2. OMG! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I can't ... I'm just ... speechless, I am. There were SO many awesome entries, thank you doesn't seem adequate to convey my feelings but THANK YOU!!! Congrats to everyone else too - I'm in good company with those fantastic captions.

  3. Congrats, Judy! And thanks Martin for liking mine enough to make it a runner up!

  4. Congrats, Judy! I LOVED yours and congrats to all the other winners. :) Such a fun contest.