Saturday, July 21, 2012

#TeamKilt Spotlight Interview -- Kristina and Gaby

Say Hello to two more Team Kilt members, Kristina and Gaby!

Name: Kristina
Twitter: @kmgehring
Interviewed by: Gaby

What are some of your hobbies? I read, crochet, read, knit, read, cook, read, bake, read, play with my kids, and did I mention reading?

Who's your favorite character from the Shade series? Zach - several reasons - I love foreigners, I love his name (my youngest son's name was Zackary), and he's just got the personality I think I could get along with.

Was there something you learn through reading the series? That we are who we make ourselves - we can overcome obstacles - no matter how what "they" say - things can be overcome.

What kind of music do you like? Anything and everything, as long as I can understand the words. Classical to rock n' roll. Each genre speaks to me in its own way, and each one helps me in its own way depending on my mood.

What's your favorite book of the three? The first one - because that was the one that brought me into the realm that is Jeri Smith-Ready and that lead me to all of her other books, so that's definitely my fave.

If you could visit any place in the world which will it be? Stonehenge – it’s a magical place.

Is there a song that reminds you of the book or a character from it? Ok - so don't laugh - but AC/DC - Back In Black - when Logan turned Shade - it was the song that popped in my head, lol.

What's the food you could eat forever and not get tired of it? OMG - I love to cook and bake - so I don't know that I could pick one thing, but I suppose garden fresh tomatoes are the absolute bestest thing to me.

How would you recommend the Shade series to someone who hasn't read it? how would you describe it? Okay, so you know that the paranormal exists. But what if everything you knew about it changed and the whole world was divided into people who could 100% guaranteed see and know they exist and those that wouldn't know if it smacked them in the head? Yep - that's right - that's Shade - and there's a rhyme and a reason to it all that you'll only know if you read this series. The question is do you want to know? Or do you want to be the one smacked in the head? *giggle*

This is probably one of the youngest fans of Jeri Smith-Ready - whenever I read her books I read them out loud to my 4 yr old daughter Rachel (in spurts of course) and Rachel thinks its the "coolest" and says I'm the "bestest mommy"

Name: Gaby
Twitter: @GabyLafara
Interviewed by: Kristina

What do you do in your normal day? Work? School? So normal day, that'd be working during the day and later chill out at home which pretty much equals reading, LOL! Weekends are sort of going go to the mall or the movies, nothing fancy. :P

How did you find the Shade series? I found out about the series during last year's YA Crush Tournament. I kept reading comments about Zach and Logan and was like "ok, I think I must read this books." It took me some time but I finally got my books and read them, better late than never, right?

Do you have a favorite book of the Shade series, and which one? Geez, this is tough, I'd have to choose between Shift and Shine. Both are so awesome and full of emotions.... argh!! I can't decide, could I declare it a tie?

What is the one scene that sticks with you? I don't think it's just one, there's a scene between Mickey and Aura in Shine that was so heartbreakingly beautiful, just remembering I got teary eyes! It got me thinking a lot too. Logan's goodbye is another bittersweet one, too. *sniffs* Aura and Zach's vacation on Shine, of course I got to say that! Those are some of them, sorry, I had to say more than one, hehehe.

If you could meet one of the Shade characters as a real person, who would it be and why? I think Zachary, beyond being like a sexy Scot I really admire his strength, courage and determination even at the worst circumstances.

If someone asked you to describe the Shade series in one sentence - what would that be? A magnificent journey of love, loss, friendship, hope and love.

If the Shade series was turned into a movie - who do you think would be one (or more) of the best actors (actresses)? Mmm, well as other fellow Team Kilt members, I quite like Sean Faris, also Richard Madden is gorgeous and Scottish, or maybe Fin Jones; that's for Zachary. For Aura I kinda like Alexandra Daddario she's beautiful. Logan... Aaron Johnson? I remember watching him play guitar on the movie Angus.... so maybe him.

What is your fave part of Team Kilt? The people, I've met some really cool girls and felt so welcomed here, they're all great!! Love you all!!

What would Team Kilt be surprised to know about you? Maybe that I like heavy metal? I'm a shy person and kinda geeky so people often surprises when I tell them I like that kind of music.


  1. Great meeting you, ladies!!

    Kristina - I so want to visit stonehenge myself!!

    Gaby - I love the scenes that stuck out to you! Those are great. :)

  2. Ooo, awesome interview! :D It' so nice to learn about other awesome #TeamKilt peeps. <3

  3. This really is one of the BEST ideas EVER! So much fun to learn about other #TeamKilt peeps! :D

  4. Yay, I love learning more about folks I "talk" to every day! Thanks, Gaby and Kristina!

  5. This was such a fun activity, it was a brilliant idea!! n_n
    I loved it, and like you sat it's great to get to know more of you!

  6. Great meeting you two!

    I love these interviews - such a great way to get to know other Team Kilt members. :)