Monday, July 23, 2012

#TeamKilt Spotlight Interview -- Jess and Rachel

Say hello to today's first Spotlights...Jess and Rachel!

Name: Jess
Twitter: @gonewiththeword
Interviewed by: Rachel

In the form of a haiku, sum up your love of the Shade series.
The words touched my heart
Now my eyes weep for more books
Marry me, Mickey

You just won an award for being a part of Team Kilt. What's your speech? Everyone! Thank you so much for this award. It’s been my life’s calling to support and promote men in kilts. Especially sexy Scottish ones named Zachary. I promise you that it will only continue on from here, because men in kilts will never seize being irresistible. A very special thanks to Jen and Amy of Fictitious Delicious for creating Team Kilt, for bringing us all together.

If you were going to be stranded on an island with one character from the Shade series, who would you choose? Because I am so infatuated and could completely see myself falling for someone just like him in real life, I choose Mickey. I totally want to get him and his guitar all alone on an island!! I’m sure he would totally get all broody and emo, but it’s part of his appeal for me, so I’ll take it. And I would SO sing to him too! “Oh Mickey, what a pity, you don't understand, you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand. Oh Mickey, you're so pretty, can't you understand. It's guys like you, Mickey! Ooh what you do Mickey, do Mickey...Don't break my heart, Mickey!” :)

You've been chosen as Tribute from Team Kilt in the Reading Games! Of any fictional character to ever exist, who would you pick as your three allies and your three enemies? My three allies would be: Aura, Zachary, and Megan. Those three combined would bring the smarts and the funnies.

My three enemies would be: Tammi Teller, Nighthawk, Children of the Sun cult. (All of these are in Shine, and I want to kick all of their asses!)

Somebody asks you why they should read the Shade series. What do you tell them? Because it’s not your typical paranormal young adult series. It has so many amazing elements. It’s about love and loss, it gives us a unique world with an incredibly realistic enemy. It will make you cry, and swoon, and laugh. It will also bring you awesome songs. It’s one of the best well-rounded series out there.

What's your dream MASH setup? Embarrassiiiiiing! I totally had to google MASH because I didn’t remember, but once I did, it all came back to me. So here it is for me:

I would live in House.
I would drive a Red Mini Cooper.
I would marry Mickey and have 3 kids.
I would be a Book Blogger in Dublin.

Vanilla or chocolate? Why? SWIRL!! Because it only makes sense that my indecisiveness would spill over into my ice cream choice.

If you could travel to three places in the universe with the Shade Boys, where would you go? I would make it a UK tour, which is truly my dream: London, Dublin, and Glasgow. And I KNOW the Shade boys would make it insanely fun!

Who's your favorite band/musician and why? Favorite song and why? My favorite band is actually not together anymore. They were called The Format. My fiance and I met at one of their shows 7 years ago, so I will never forget them. It’s really difficult to choose my favorite song of theirs, but I’ll go with “If Work Permits.” (Click the link to watch a video of the song.) At the last show they played here in town, the crowd, including myself, sang along to EVERY song. I mean, we sang their songs to them. Loudly! That was the last song in their set and I can’t forget the experience of feeling consumed by it. It was amazing.

Jess admires Mickey from a secret hiding place
Also, the song lyrics make me think of Mickey. Yes! This interview is a Mickey LOVE FEST! I just love him so..

Name: Rachel
Twitter: @rachelllraeee
Interviewed by: Jess

How and when did you come to read and love the Shade series? I read Shade sometime in high school; I don't remember exactly when. I enjoyed the book and was looking forward to the sequels. Then I got busy with school, work, and other books--my reading list never ends and keeps growing! (See the picture of my bookshelf? And that's not even all of my books!) It got to the point where the rest of the Shade series kept getting pushed down on the list. Then I got more involved with Twitter and blogging; there I have met a bunch of cool people and have become more involved in Team Kilt. I also "stalked" the coolness that is Jeri Smith-Ready on Twitter (Twitter makes me want to read so many books that I never thought of reading before; it really is amazing!). All that put together, I kept bumping Shift and Shine up on my reading list. I'm happy to say that they will be read very, very soon.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? I'd love to say somewhere cool, like Paris or Australia--or a zoo or a really, really big bookstore. It'd make more sense to say somewhere that's less rainy, cold, and gray than Washington. But if I could live anywhere, I'd say Washington. I've lived here all my life and I can't imagine living anywhere else. As pathetic as the weather may be, Washington is, and always will be, home.

My running-out-room bookshelf
Of ALL the boys in the Shade series, which would you Date/Marry/Dump and why? Dump: Logan. (I know; shocker!) I love him as a person and in the books, but I just can't see myself dating him. (Stop glaring at me, folks!)

Date: Mickey. I don't think it'd become serious or anything, but there's a part of me that totally digs him. I wouldn't mind going on a date--or two--with him.
Marry: Zachary. (Duh!) He's attractive and has that Scottish accent, and I'm a sucker for accents. Plus, my last name's Patrick, so I'm Irish (and, I think, Scottish), which means we're basically meant to be. Besides the physical and vocal attraction, Zachary's just a really good guy. I'd be honored to be Mrs. Moore. (Glares accepted.)

What is the one snack you cannot live without? I snack. A lot. (I know, I know--shame on me!) I have a sweet tooth and I like junk food: candy, chocolate, boxed food--things that I don't really have to make. Since I can fit chocolate into the dessert category--thank gosh!--I think I'll go with Cheetos. One, because I can't think of anything else. Two, because they're, like, the BEST chips. Three, because they're cheesy. And I love cheese. It's so delicious. Four, because I can lick it off my fingers. That's awesome, right?

My last pig: Finnick Haymitch Cornelius
Pick your favorite Shade series boy and describe your perfect date with him. No surprise here: Zachary Moore. I have no idea what a perfect date would be, but I like things to be simple. First I'd want to go to the zoo, because it's one of my favorite places ever and I love animals (See: Picture of me with my most recent pig Finnick). After that, I think I'd like to go to a bookstore, preferably a small, indie one. There we could look at all the books and discuss what we like and don't like, our favorite characters, and the most daring adventures. Then we can go get a little bite to eat, maybe at a bakery with delicious and delectable cupcakes topped with frosting. (Or maybe we should get spaghetti somewhere and reenact Lady and the Tramp.) When we're done eating, I'd like to dance with him somewhere cute and romantic to "Tale as Old as Time" from Beauty and the Beast; maybe on a vintage looking patio or near the water. Then the date would be over too-soon and he'd take me home. Zachary would be a gentleman and walk me to the door. Since the date was so perfect and simple, he'd end it the same way: he'd give me the smallest of pecks, but the most beautiful of kisses, on my lips.

Which is your favorite holiday and why? I'll admit right away that I'm a selfish, greedy child (even though I'm older than a child) and that I LOVE getting presents. I still get giddy thinking about waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what's waiting for me under that delicious-smelling tree full of mismatched ornaments (some of which are broken because I played with them). Plus, Christmas has more than just presents: there's the anticipation and the festivities. And, of course, the decorations! It all comes together to make one great big holiday full of celebration and perfection. And I love it.

What’s your favorite movie? How many times have you watched it? I like and love a lot of movies. However, I can't name a favorite; I don't think I have one. When I was younger I said Grease; today, I still love the movie, but it's hit the overplayed stage. IF I had to pick a favorite movie, maybe I would say Beauty and the Beast. I grew up watching the movie on repeat, and I still love it today. I own it on DVD and VHS and have several songs from the soundtrack on my iPod. When I see things Beauty and the Beast, I want them. I've debated getting a tattoo related to the movie. How many times have I seen it? Too many to count, and too many to remember since I was watching it before my brain decided to start remembering things. If you haven't seen it (GASP!) please stop whatever you are doing and go do so now. It is, after all, a tale as old as time.

Do you have a favorite or defining Shade series song? (Your own or from the books/soundtracks/fan picks.) Because I'm still so behind on the series (*protects self from torches and pitchforks*), I have to really think about this...and look at the website to see what's on the playlist. *Looks* The one song that stood out to me from all the playlists was "Time to Pretend" by MGMT. I'm horrible at looking into the meaning of things, so I won't go there. But the song, I know that. MGMT has some really good music, and "Time to Pretend" is part of that. When you hear the song it just puts you in a mood--no, not that mood--and you're filled with this really good feeling. You can get that same sort of feeling from books, so it's fitting that this song is on a playlist for the Shade series.


  1. Bahahah, I love that my "stalking Mickey" picture (the last one) made it into my interview! lol

    Thank you, ladies, for hosting such a fun event to get to know more about Team Kilt!

    And a HUGE thanks to Rachel for asking FAB questions! I had SO much fun answering them and getting to know her better!

  2. These were awesome! I think I need to write a Mickey story just for Jess. ;) Rachel, I love that you have a pig named Finnick Haymitch Cornelius!

  3. Oh wow.. this interview is full of so much FUN! I am still laughing at Jess admiring Mickey from the wild. Oh wow, hahahahaha.

  4. Seriously, this was so much fun! This is such a cool and innovative way to interview people; great idea!

    Thanks for coming up with all of this and for creating this website--it's totally rad.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the questions, Jess! Some stumped me, some made me laugh, but it was entertaining to answer them all.

    Jeri, thanks for writing the books! And Finnick was SUCH a sweetheart! (I love literary names, and I named my hedgehog Odair.) The pig before him was Atticus. (:

  5. You girls had the best questions and answers! I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud (with my husband looking at me like I'm crazy). Nice to meet you both! :)

  6. So much fun to read all of these! Great to meet you both!

  7. What a fun interview you two! I was laughing the whole time I was reading.