Monday, July 23, 2012

#TeamKilt Spotlight Interview -- Janette and Grace

Say hello to today's final Spotlight...Janette and Grace!!

Name: Janette
Twitter: @jderucki
Interviewed by: Grace

You get to eat or drink one, and only one thing for the rest of your life. What would you choose? Only ONE thing? I'd have to pick something to drink, because there's nothing worse to me than being thirsty. I'd choose coffee, because it can be hot, cold, flavored, and it's absolutely the one thing I need every day.

Congratulations! You have just won a billion dollars in the lottery. What do you do? This is everyone's dream! I'd like to say that I'd buy a zillion books and live a carefree life, but I really don't think I'd change much aside from some dream trips overseas. I'd be sure to donate lots to charities, help out family and give my kids a great start in life.

Poof! You're a superhero! What would you want your superpower to be? Awesome! I've always wanted to be a superhero! Aside from all the pressure to save the world that is. :) If I had a superpower, I'd want it to be healing. I feel like I could do so much good & help lots of innocent people.

The only thing you're allowed to read for the rest of your life *gasp* is one person's grocery list for the rest of your life. Whose grocery lists would you choose? I'd probably choose Craig Ferguson's. He is absolutely one of the funniest people ever, and I'm sure he's bound to have something amusing on there.

What's your latest book obsession? (or genre, author etc.) I'm not sure I have a latest book obsession, since I think I'm a little too ADD for that. I seem to jump around a lot and read lots of different genres all the time. Urban Fantasy is probably the genre I obsess the most over trying to find. I love to read those books, and I can never find enough.

You are suddenly able to talk to ghosts, like Aura, but you can talk to any ghost, even those that are supposed to have passed on. Who would you want to talk to, and why? At first I thought it'd be someone famous like Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, etc. Then I realized my first choice would probably be my friend Beth who passed away suddenly last year. She and I had just been really getting to know each other and discovered we had a lot in common. I feel like there's something I'd like to say to her every day, and I was cheated out of a friendship with an amazing person.

Describe your favourite Shade character in five words. Every time I tried to answer this question I'd say, "It's Logan because..." then I'd think about Zachary and start over with, "It's Zachary because..." So, I'm going to have to go with Aura, because she's STRONG, SMART, LOYAL, LOGICAL AND BADASS.

What's your favorite thing about the Shade trilogy? Wow, being noncommittal like I am, choosing just one thing in all these questions has been TRICKY. LOL Since I can't choose just one thing about the series that's my favorite, I'd have to say Team Kilt. How many other books can you read that inspire so many amazing people to all band together in such amazing ways? It's incredible!

You're at a Keeley concert, and they taking song requests from one lucky person in the audience . . . and it's you! What would be your requested song(s)? You mean Logan points at ME and asks for a request? I don't make a request, because I FAINT dead on my feet right there. Maybe @kristyzee would be there and she could request something until I come to. LOL

Why should everyone vote Zachary Moore in the Crush Tourney? Everyone should vote for Zachary because not only is he a handsome Scottish lad, but he's smart, funny, loyal and just an all around amazing guy! VOTE FOR ZACH! :)
Name: Grace
Twitter: @loen1999196600
Interviewed by: Janette

How do you spend your time outside Twitter? Do you have a job, hobbies, etc.?
I would volunteer occasionally around the neighbourhood (don't mind the spelling, it's Canadian), and, of course, I burn through time reading GINORMOUS amounts of books.

Would you consider yourself an animal lover? Do you have any pets - cats, dogs, goldfish, iguana? ;) I love animals, I really do, but I just can't seem to be able to keep them alive . . . The last time I had a pet was a few little fishies. They died after two weeks.

If you're going to spend a day shopping, what's the first thing you shop for? Where do you like to shop? I'd probably head to the bookstore first. There's a local bookstore around where I live called Black Bond Books, and I just LOVE it there. Other than books, I have a serious love affair with shoes, no matter what type. Heels, flats, sneakers, everything.

How did you first find the SHADE series? Was it because of Team Kilt or anyone in particular? Seems like all my answers are going to be about books . . . I was actually fooling around the online library catalog when I came across Shade, and hey, it sounded fantastic so I took it out.

As a Team Kilt member, obviously you're a reader. What's your favorite genre and/or author? I really love all sorts of books, but I'm leaning towards dystopia and sci-fi right now. As for the authors, I have a lot of favourites but I have to say that John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines, sticks out a lot, mainly because he seems like such a sociable and downright hilarious.

I love rock stars in books; it's one of the things I love about Logan Keeley. Do you like rockers or do you have another favorite type of character? Logan's great, no doubt about that, but my favourite kind of character is more along the lines of the super sweet guys like . . . Zachary Moore.

If you could take Zachary Moore or Logan Keeley to dinner for your favorite meal, where would you go and what would be served? This probably wouldn't count as a meal, but I would probably take them out for donuts at someplace like Krispy Kreme. Who doesn't love donuts?

Lots of Team Kilt members have been posting ZOGANplanks on twitter. Have you ever done one? If so, where? If not, where would you most like to take the SHADEboys? No, I haven't posted any ZOGANplanks, but I have no idea where I'd take them. Probably anywhere I could.

Music plays a prominent part in the SHADE series. What's your favorite kind of music? Have you found any new faves after seeing Jeri Smith-Ready's playlists for the series? I like a lot of rock and alternative rock, plus the occasional metal and classical. And yes, I found a lot of new faves, like Arcade Fire, Frightened Rabbit, and Evermore. I toast to Jeri Smith-Ready's fantastic taste in music. c:

Describe your dream day - you can go anywhere and do anything. I would love to be in a park, in maybe autumn, and have a pile of books with me, or be at an ice rink. I'm not great at skating, but I still love it nevertheless.


  1. Janette - I agree with you about not being able to find enough Urban Fantasy genre books to read.

    Grace - I totally agree: Jeri does have exceptional taste in music. I've discovered so many bands I'd never heard of through her playlists.

    Great interviews!