Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#TeamKilt Spotlight Interview -- Deanne and Heather

Say hello to our 2nd spotlight today!

Name: Deanne
Twitter: @librarychickd
Interviewed by: Heather

Name, age, where you live
Deanne, passed 30 a few years ago, Roswell (yes *that* Roswell), NM

Children's librarian at a public library

Favorite book in the Shade series
Shine- the castle scene and Aura's general awesomeness can't be beat!

Did you participate in the last YA Crush Tourney with Team Kilt? What did you do?
I actually participated against Team Kilt when the guy I was advocating for, Hale, went up against Zach in the 3rd round. Needless to say we were defeated but then I pledged my undying love for all things kilt and joined the Team!

Who's your favorite character in the series and why?
Aura, she is such a kick a$$ heroine- she's smart, brave, loyal and full of love for so many people, all traits I would like to strive for

Top five favorite all time characters in books ever?
Allie Finkle- Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Penny Lane- The Lonely Hearts Club
Queenie- Code Name Verity

Top five boys in books
Cricket Bell- Lola and the Boy Next Door
Tod- Soul Screamers
W.W. Hale V- Heist Society
Kaleb- Hourglass

What do you do in your free time?
READ!!! Watch a lot of tv, spend time with my family (but they live 3 hours away so not as much time as I'd like), tweet A LOT, talk on FB with my Time Zones Will Not Defeat Us book club which consists pretty much of fellow Team Kilters

Think Jeri will write another YA series?
Yes and I will read it and love it!

What is your favorite genre? YA/Contemp, Adult PNR etc.?
I like books with kissing so any genre that has that! YA contemp and adult romantic suspense are probably my most fav

What are the first three things on your bucket list? (if you have one, if not make something up)
See the Northern Lights
Go to Augusta, GA and watch the Master's Tournament
Take the Band of Brothers tour through Europe and visit all the sites they fought at

Name: Heather
Twitter: @imburiedinbooks
Interviewed by: Deanne

Basics: Name/Age/Where you live?
Heather Rosdol/Old/Outside of Charlotte, North Carolina

What do you do for a living and do you like it? (or if you’re in school what are you studying to be?)
I am a stay at home mom right now. It doesn't pay well, but yes, I do love it! My job varies in description and has prepared me for a wide variety of jobs outside the home when the time is right. My sons are 12 and 15.

What are your hobbies/ what do you do for fun?
I read and write and do some crafting. I take tons of pictures and used to make scrapbooks, but I don't take the time anymore.

How did you discover the Shade series?
I really don't remember! Shameful, I know. I'm pretty sure I got the first book when it came out and read it, got all blubbery and fell for the story.

Who is your favorite Shade series character? And why?
Zachary because he was so patient with Aura. He stood by her after that incredibly embarrassing court room confession. He let her mourn. He was always so understanding. Because of that accent! And because of Shine!
The entire last book did it for me. And if you haven't read the letter he wrote to Aura known as "The River Scene"
on Jeri's page, well, you wouldn't ask why!

Top 5 book boyfriends?
Zachary, of course.
Peregrine from Under The Never Sky
Bones from the Night Huntress Series (not YA)
Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Griffin from Girl in the Steel Corset/Clockwork Collar

Favorite movie?
About a Boy with Hugh Grant

What kinds of music do you like (or listen to most)?
I don't have a most. I have very eclectic tastes. Some country, some hard rock, alternative, whatever they call today's music. Some favorites are Kenny Chesney, Muse, Pink, Rhianna, Niki Minaj, Katie Perry, Pink Mountains, Sara Bareilles, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine......

If you could travel one place in the world, where would it be?
PARIS and then I'd settle down to live in the Highlands of Scotland!

Favorite Team Kilt memory?
The come from behind almost upset last year but the #2 win of Zachary from number nowhere! Every time he won I celebrated. My husband thought I was a loon!

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