Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#TeamKilt Spotlight Interview -- Alicia and Ashe

Say hello to today's 1st Spotlight...Ashe and Alicia!!

Name: Alicia
Twitter: @bamayankee
Interviewed by: Ashe

Since we are Team Kilt, what colors would your kilt be?
If I got to pick out the colors my kilt would be purples, lime greens, some pinks, and blues. A very bright kilt!

What was your favorite scene or moment from the Shade series? Or if it's easier what's you favorite book and why? (since we are suppose to be un-spoilery)
My favorite scene is spoilery, and I haven't ever thought about which book is my favorite, but I guess I'll say my favorite book is Shift because it has my favorite scene in it!

What is your favorite food (dish or whole meal)?
My favorite food is anything with cinnamon in/on it. I love cinnamon.

Who is your favorite character from the Shade series and why? My favorite character is Logan. I love to read how he changes over the books and of course how he ends up being so awesome and helpful to Zachary.

What is your idea of a perfect (or at least a really good) day?
For me a really good day would be one that was sunny and warm and it would just be my friends and me hanging out, talking and doing absolutely nothing.

If you cold visit any place in the world where would it be and why?
If I could visit anyplace in the world, I think I would visit Australia. There are so many things I would love to see there, and it seems like it would be so different from where I live now.

Silly question but I'm curious, how did you first hear about the Shade series? Team Kilt?
I didn't ever hear anything about the shade series, but randomly found it at my library and thought it looked good so i checked it out. glad i did : )
I first heard about the Shade series at the library. I just happened to find Shade in the new release section one time I was there. After I read it, I had to read the rest!
Who is your favorite band? Song? (sorry but really into music and love to see what everyone else is listening to)
I don't really have a favorite band, but the music I like to listen to is anything like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Ingrid Micaelson, Kelly Clarkson, or Sarah Bareilles.

Name: Ashe
Twitter: @ashe86sb
Interviewed by: Alicia

How did you find out about the Shade series?
Same as you, went to the library and found Shade, then as each of the other two came out I couldn't resist, was hooked from the start.

What is your favorite thing about the Shade series?
My favorite thing has been 'watching' as Aura and Zachary figure out what caused the Shift and finding out the truth about Aura's parents. What happened along the way was pretty fun to read as well.

Is there any one character that you really felt connected to when reading the Shade series?
This one is hard for me because I would have to mix parts of many characters together because at different times I was drawn to all of them. I was drawn to Logan because he reminds me of one of my best guy friends in high school, plays guitar, gets absorbed into his music, but tries to stay grounded as much as possible. I was drawn to Megan, she stayed a friend through everything no matter how bad things were going for her she kept it to herself (for a while) and was a friend, I tend to be that way. And then there's Zachary, smart, kind of athletic, patient, a good friend, I totally relate to that.

Since you're into music, what is your favorite song(s) on the Shade series playlist?
So many of them, the funniest thing about this question to me is that from Jeri's playlists and following her on Twitter I have found out about so many great bands. One of them is Frightened Rabbit, I can't wait, I am seeing them in concert in October!! From the playlists I love Damien Rice, Rise Against, Dashboard Confessional, Mumford and Sons, and Dropkick Murphy's. Actually I pretty much like all the music on the playlists.

How do you usually read your books, ebooks or physical copies? Which do you prefer?
Both, I love physical books, the smell of a new book is one of my favorite smells. I like being able to hold a book in one hand while drinking coffee or tea or wine. I do read some books via my iPad though if they have a good deal on an ebook.

What do you like to do with your time, other than reading and hanging out with Team Kilt?
I also knit, play softball, go to Socrates Cafe (it's a philosophical group discussion), love watching a good movie, I collect vinyl records (just can't beat the sound, I love it), hanging with my husband, and I also hang out with my godson and go see kids movies with him (love animated movies).

Do you have a favorite book of all time? If so, what book is it?
Wuthering Heights, I read it every year, as well as listen to it via audiobook and watch the many movies and miniseries made about it. There is just something about the tragic love story of Cathy and Heathcliff that never gets old.

What is something that you see or do that you know will make you smile?
Reading a great book, traveling to new places (been to Belgium and Holland, going to Ireland and Scotland next year), the reaction when I give my godson or nephews a present, watching a good movie, going to a concert of a band I really like, and when my husband does nice things for me or says something sweet.

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  1. Awesome questions! Great to get to know you a little better, Alicia. And great to meet you, Ashe!