Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Team Kilt Con FAQ!

Hi all!  Those of you who are attending TKC this weekend might have a few questions!  Here are some we have received that we think would be beneficial for all.  Please, if you have more questions, or just want to be in contact with us, send us an email (amyojens at gmail.com).

1. Do you know about how many people are coming so I can make enough items for the swag bags? 
At this point, we think there will be about 15 people there.  You may want to make/bring a few extra pieces just in case we have last minute sign ups. 

2. Is there a specific room we are meeting in at the hotel? What time should I get there?  
We won't know the suite number until we check in that afternoon.  We will text you and let you know when we check into the suite (You gave us your cell phone at registration, right?).  We will also try to leave word at the front desk.  The con officially starts at 7pm.  Come sometime between 6:45pm and 7:00pm.  We'll be waiting for you!

3. Is Jeri going to be signing books? 
YES!  She's happy to sign any books you bring to the convention. She's shipping some books to sell at the convention, too, so if you need a book, she'll have some on hand, but not very many, so it's best to buy them beforehand.

4. For the music of Shade, should that be music that reminds us of the series, what the characters would listen to, or more of like what Jeri uses or is it just kind of open? 
It's kind of open. :) The game we're playing will definitely be related to the series, but bring a variety of music. It won't just be what Jeri uses. *ALSO* If you have a set of portable speakers, bring those, too!

5. Is there anything else I need to know? 
Just to be prepared to have a BLAST!  You might want to study up on the series for SHADE Jeopardy, and don't forget your casting choices, questions for Jeri, and open-mic night selections!

Can't wait to meet many of you in person this weekend!  Please, let us know if can help you in any way!

<3, All of us at K&K


  1. Also...hate to be the bearer of icky news but, there's a lot of construction going on through the Mpls/St Paul planned Light Rail corridor currently (i.e. all of both downtowns and I94 in both directions). I'm trying to get details but MNDot isn't being very helpful. So...expect traffic, maybe have an alternate route planned, and bring something good to listen to on the way.

  2. Here we go. Full Twin Cities weekend road closures: