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SHINE reviews from around the globe!

Bonjour, mes amis! Juli here, with—no, not chocolate—a round-up of shiny SHINE reviews shining around the internet (terrible pun intended)! I scavenged up 'til page ten on Google before I ran out of tab room on my screen (there’s only so long I can click the right arrow before I lose all sense of direction), so if I missed your review, so sorry!

As you all know, Shine is made of awesome. And it’s not just me and the K&K crew who think that, either—check out these reviews below to see for yourself! (Click on the source of the review to read the full text. Reviews are not formatted in any conceivable order/pattern.) Also, the following quotes/reviews may contain spoilers for book one and two, Shade and Shift respectively. Do NOT continue reading if you do not want to be spoiled. (Although, you really have no excuse—because you’ve obviously already read Shade and Shift! Amirite? ;D)

"The Shade World... It’s my favorite fictional world to be in. Every possible sentiment a person could endure is had while reading Shine, along with the first two novels, Shade and Shift. This trilogy is my top favorite in the YA genre and will forever be irreplaceable."
-Kim & Britney @ Living Fictitiously

“I started reading Shine a day after it came in to my mailbox and finished it late that night. I tore through the book, reading it whenever I had a spare moment.  I could not put it down… The plot of the story is intense and complex.  There was never a dull moment… This series is amazing, so unlike any other YA out there.  And Shine is no exception. To say that it's a page-turner would be an understatement, I literally had to be forced to stop reading.”

“I could hardly look at SHINE without tears welling in my eyes. I just knew I was going to feel everything. I can't think of another auther who has captured my emotions like Jeri Smith-Ready. From the very beginning of the series, with SHADE, I have felt the utter heartbreak, cried all the tears, laughed through some of them, swooned more than a little, and ultimately have fallen in love with Aura, Zach, Logan, Dylan (that kid deserves his own book!) and the supporting characters… I consider each and every moment immersed in any part of this world as time well spent.”

Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready was AMAZING. Literally jaw-dropping. And Shine had the perfect ending…If you haven’t read this amazing series by Jeri Smith-Ready, you definitely need to do so. It’s captivating and original and full of brilliant characters.”
-Tara @ Hobbisites

SHINE was a very detailed, fast paced and deeply entertaining ending to the SHADE series. I certainly didn’t feel like anything was left open at the end, I had all my answers, and things I wanted to happen did…again and again and again. *wink*”

“…Jeri Smith-Ready has concluded this series in the most beautiful, perfect way possible… might I suggest checking yourself into a hospital beforehand. You'll need access to medical professionals and a code cart with defibrillator after the first chapter. And also potentially after THIS ONE PART. And then the other part. I propose that JSR is the crowned ruler of YA relationships…”

“Once again, the Shade Trilogy entices the reader into a world we have come to know and love… Jeri doesn't disappoint. Shine is the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy, a complete and captivating ride through the lives of the characters we've been lucky enough to meet, chat with and love on a daily basis.”
-Lynn Marie @ Bringing the Epic

“Each book in the Shade series was better than the last. Shine is definitely my favorite in the trilogy. I love how consistent these books are. I never once lost interest. With each book the storyline grew, but never swayed from it’s origin. It saddens me that this is the last book and series and I will now have to say goodbye to the characters that I love so much.”

“This is such a fabulous book... this is such an incredible trilogy. I'm sorry to see it end, but I couldn't be more thrilled with how Smith-Ready has closed the series. I loved every single bit of this book. I think the strength of Smith-Ready's books lies in her remarkable characters. There's such a resonance there, a heightened sense of self-possession that makes everyone truly believable.”

I love it when a series I adore has a fabulous ending! Shine really wrapped up everything I needed to know while still leaving room for me to imagine the future for the characters I loved. I was just so very satisfied by this book and the series finale.”
-YA Bibliophile (P.S. She’s giving away a paperback copy of Shine!)

The powerfully described characters, the unique story, and the beautiful setting descriptions are tied together with interlocking red, violet, and white ribbons. I was sad to finish the last line but I'm happy to say that I was left feeling very at peace with how the story ended. It's one of those books that you don't want to let go of when you close it because you're not sure when you'll get that emotionally-satisfied feeling again.”
-Britney @ I Eat Words

Shine, the conclusion to the Shade trilogy, will leave your heart breaking one moment and have your heart soaring in the next. Definitely a satisfying conclusion for fans of the series!”
-Karen @ For What It’s Worth (who also happens to be one of the founders of K&K! *throws confetti* She’s just that awesome.)

Shine really sparkles. I loved it. I loved all of it. It’s so intense!”

“I love these books, so naturally I was both excited and sad to start the last of the trilogy. Holy WOW did the author do a fantastic job! This installment quickly catapulted the series even higher on my favorites list because of how well the story wraps itself up. I mean that ending - perfect! I don't think I've ever been so happy with the conclusion of a series.”

Shine is a breath-taking and beautiful conclusion to this wonderful series… My heart broke so many times in this book! I loved that it [Shine] made me ugly cry, scream in frustration, cheer my heart out, and feel completely satisfied when it was all over.  Shine made me feel, and I LOVE books that make me feel!  It was the perfect conclusion!”

“This series overall has tons of truly touching moments, but Shine completely stole my heart… There are some series that end and leave you wanting…Shine is NOT one of those. It has earned a permanent spot on my favorites shelf.”
-Jess @ Gone with the Words (Jess also has a giveaway of Shine on her blog—check it out!)

“I dove right in the second I received SHINE, and I wasn’t satisfied until I had finished it all. Words cannot express how absolutely perfect SHINE is. It far surpassed my expectations… I don’t have a single negative thing to say about SHINE.”
-Bailey @ IB Book Blogging

“This series holds everything I love about reading.  It has adventure, mystery, angst, emotion, romance, and yes.. even that musical element I adore so much in books, too.  Jeri Smith-Ready has created a story that will forever linger in my mind.”
-Ginger @ GReads!

“This book was the perfect ending to a brilliant trilogy and while my heart is full of joy and happiness with how it ended, I’m still sad that it was the end… I am team kilt and damned proud!”

Shine was phenomenal. It’s everything a series ending book should be and more. Shine has eye-popping, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping action as well as some very tender moments that are not only Zach-centric but will also appease those die-hard Logan fans.”
-Patricia @ Two Chicks On Books
This book is absolute perfection. The detail and research that Smith-Ready had to have done in order to write about the happenings in this book is spot on. I can tell that she put her heart and soul into bringing the most accurate depiction of what was going on that she could.”

SHINE is one of those books that, while you are reading it, the rest of the world disappears… Although no one wants to see the Shade Series end, Jeri makes it little less painful by writing some really great scenes with the other characters. SHINE has the perfect mix of humor, suspense, love, sadness, and heart. Heartbreakingly, joyously brilliant.” 
-Amy @ Fictitious Delicious (Co-founder of #TeamKilt, Amy is SO FREAKIN’ AMAZING it’s not even funny… oh yes, I met her. Oh yes, you’re jealous. Why no, I’m not attempting Yoda-Talk.)

And that’s it—

Oh wait. OHHH WAIT. I ALMOST FORGOT MY OWN REVIEW. OOPS. *smiles abashedly*
“There's a very distinct reason why the Shade trilogy is one that I fall in love with again and again: its intensity is unmatched, of both romance and need.” 
-Me (Juli) @ The Reviews News (Yo, my review has tons of GIFs. If you like cats and coffee and Harry Potter and Peeta Mellark and Glee, feel free to check it out. ;) )

And THAT’s it. I apologize again if I missed your review! And as they say in my hometown…
Don’t forget to be Kiltsome!*

*Disclaimer: This is a phrase paraphrasing the smackin’ awesome John Green, akin to DFTBA, which is the motto of Nerdfighteria meaning “Don’t Forget to be Awesome.”


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