Saturday, May 19, 2012

Armchair TKC Giveaway

Some of us *cough – Julianna, Brooke & I – cough* did not get to go to the epic Team Kilt Con this weekend in Minneapolis, MN


How about a little giveaway for those of us left behind?

Let’s call it the:

 “ Everyone went to TKC and all I got was this stupid  AWESOME signed book!” giveaway.

Just leave a comment and you’re entered to win a copy of SHINE (paperback edition) signed by Jeri Smith-Ready.

Don’t forget to follow Kilt & Keeley & Jeri on twitter. They are tweeting fabulous updates of all the goings on…..

Bitter??? No we're not bitter……..

Giveaway is open to international entries.
Leave a comment and way to contact you if you win (email or Twitter handle for example)
Ends Sunday 5/20/2012 11:59pm ET
Winner announced Monday 5/21


  1. So sad I couldn't make it, but I hope everyone that went had a fantastic time :D Thanks for the giveaway!! My twitter handle is: @lostatmidnight

  2. Totally sad I couldn't make it and very jealous but also very happy for those that did!!



  3. Tried to sneak in, in Kimberdee pocket but not much room in skinny jeans. And anyway that tattoo place just seemed too scarry.

  4. Jealous of everyone that went!
    tasnim-sheikh at hotmail dot com

    Tasnim xx

  5. Wish I could have went! :(

  6. Seriously ruins my entire year that I couldn't go. NOTHING WILL MAKE IT WORTH IT.

    Although a signed copy of Shine wouldn't hurt. No. That wouldn't hurt at all. :)


    1. I completely agree. So sad I couldn't go, but I'll take a signed copy of Shine any day ;)

  7. Still so depressed I can't go to TKC. So close! *grumble* stupid chorus concert *grumble* Thanks for the giveaway though :)


  8. I'm dying to devour this book!!! Hate no living there!
    lis.krkmo5 at gmail dot com

  9. Bitter and jealous hmmm yes that sums it up!!!! Lol hope all u team kilt members are having a great time!!!!

  10. I wish I could have gone too, but I hope everyone who did go had a great time, hopefully there'll be a chance for us soon! And thank you girls for having this giveaway!

  11. I LIVE in St Paul and couldn't get there because of family stuff *sobs*

    meandmyshelf at gmail dot com