Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's a New Kid on the Block

You may have noticed a new name floating around the site this week and it's about darn time we make an official announcement. 

*clears throat*  Kilt & Keeley has a new...um, staff member? tireless volunteer? Cripes.  What ARE we?  Well, whatever we are, there's a new one of us!  Give it up for... 

JEN D. !!
*Amy, Jen and Karen do a jumpy clap* 
*Brooke moonwalks and twirls*

Jen has been a behind the scenes player for some time now and we finally came to our senses and made her affiliation with Kilt & Keeley official.  Guys.  We are BEYOND lucky to have her here. She's already taken the lead in our epic SHINE Pre-Release Party and we look forward to lots of great stuff from her.  Welcome, Jen! We're crazy about you!

Give her a big "Hello, Awrite!" or "Dia Duit!" or "Yo, Jen!" and then go learn more about her by visiting our Bios page!


  1. WELCOME, Jen! Thank you so much for joining this crazy team, and for all you're doing for the site and the books. MUCH LOVE.

  2. Yay!!! Hi fives Jen! Glad to see you in amazing company <-- but of course, you were already amazing!

  3. WOO HOO!!! Yay for Jen D. You're so awesome!! :D

  4. Hello, Awrite!, Dia Duit!, Yo, Jen!

    Glad to have you all official - complete with cute avi!

  5. Thanks everyone!! I'm excited to join the umm insanity, I mean fun (officially). And I love the avi!!

  6. Yay Jen D! :) What a cracker jack group of ladies! (wow how old am I?)

  7. Jolly decent of you to join the team. Yay