Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Kilt Con: Hotel is selected!

We are all confirmed and ready to announce that Team Kilt Con has a home site!  *waves pom poms*

Go ahead and make your reservations at The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel located just a few blocks off the mighty Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis. This historic landmark offers the perfect spot for Team Kilt Con to call home!

While there isn't a block of rooms being held for the convention, there are plenty of rooms available for Friday, May 18 and Saturday May 19. (And Thursday, too, if you're coming in early!)

Be sure to email us or a leave a comment with any questions you have. More Team Kilt Con details will be unfolding soon!


  1. Perhaps me and the hubs shall sail down the mighty MS river from Baton Rouge, La instead of flying? We can call our boat Team Kilt Voyager.

  2. Oh how I wish I were able to attend this!!!!

  3. Rats. Why can't this be in Toronto?! If I can take the time off work maybe I shall drive...