Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spotlight on Shade Fan Art

*sings to the tune of My Little Pony* My little Logan, my little Logan. You are so attractive. Strumming and Singing the concerts beginning. YOU’LL ALWAYS BE in my HEAAART!! ♫

I’m pretty sure that's how the lyrics go, right? :P

But seriously, look at how adorable these Shade My Little Ponies are!

AREN’T THEY SO CUTE!! If these were in stores I’d def buy some! Aura’s hair is, like, perfection!! Logan even has his eyebrow pierced!! And check out Zachary’s Team Kilt tat! So awesome!! Lisa from over at Cold Moon Violet books did SUCH and BOMB job!!
This is why we LOVE fan art because Shade fans come up with the cutest, craziest stuff! We want MOORE!!! Ahem…..I mean MORE – Had Zachary on the brain for a minute there…..
Which pony is your favorite?! Sound off in the comments!

And keep sending us your artwork for the Shade series and we’ll feature it right here on the blog!


  1. Oh my goodness!! How cute are these?! I want the Logan pony :)

  2. These are adorable!! I love the Logan pony and Zachary too!

  3. So A-DORBS I could pinch their little booties, but I may get bucked, lol!!! I can't choose between them... I'd have to have all three to make the perfect collection ;)

  4. This sounds weird but to me it looks EXACTLY like them lol

    Also why does Aura even as a pony have better hair than me??

  5. I still love these, they are so CUTE!! And they match the characters so well, it's scarey! (Not really, it's awesome!) I think my favorite would have to be Logan's though. I love purple (a LOT), and he just kinda stands out compared to Aura's and Zach's. (Not to mention the fact that Logan is totally awesome)

  6. SO adorable! Can't pick my favorite though. I'd have to get all three to have a matched set if I saw them in the store. :)