Monday, April 23, 2012

SHINE Release Party Day 10: SHADE

7 days!! 
 And a few hours but the point is SHINE comes out NEXT WEEK!!! There's still time to pre-order SHINE and enter the giveaway.
*breathe...don't forget to breathe*
Sorry couldn't's just so exciting.

Okay and now back to the party! To round out the PARTAYYYYYYY. Let's talk about AURA!! A lot of people that have read SHINE say that it's Aura's book. So we've saved the BEST for LAST!

As we all know Aura has two AMAZING guys vying for her attention. And Jeri being the AWESOME author that she is made (most) us fall in love with BOTH of them. So here's your question....
Which scene is your favorite and why? 
The first time Zachary and Aura go stargazing OR Logan's farewell concert.
Ahhh but we aren't done yet. For those who want to pick another: Potato bin or Logan in the bedroom?


  1. I love both the Zach scenes a bit more :) Because as much as I love Logan as well, Zachary is just so sweet and awesome, and of course you have to take into account the fact that the truth of the matter is, Logan is a ghost. As sad and tragic as that is, it's true.

    Anyway, I love them both (really, I do), but Zachary wins for me <3 Of course, he probably would if Logan was alive, too.

  2. Gah! I'm afraid my answer to this is spoilery, so if you haven't read Shade, DON'T READ PAST HERE. There were so many scenes I adored. 1)Zachary and Aura's first visit with Eowyn-->the coffee cups (their meanings and what Zach did). 2)When Logan visited Aura in her bedroom- so much longing. 3)When Zachary and Aura went stargazing- the craving Aura experienced. 4)When Zachary brought Aura the roses- the truth behind them and how understanding and supportive he is. 5)When Logan sang to Aura you know how much he misses her. 6)Logan's farewell concert- how you see him in his element and the regret he has for how it has to be and after the concert scene 7)with Dylan- his anger felt so real. 8)The end, because Logan came back.

  3. Hmm, I think I like Logan's concert more than Farmer Franks field, but potato bin wins every time!! :D

  4. Who wrote this question and WNY? This = not fair.

    Guys. You know I love Zachary like I love oxygen, but I gotta say Logan's farewell concert tops Farmer Franks field for me (major points to Poochylover!).

    Now, the potato bin? WINNER EVERY TIME. (unless it's up against a river or *mumbles something incoherently*)

  5. I'm with Jenn here. This question is totally unfair!

    I'm with Kimberly on my favorite scenes. There are just too many and I refuse to be corned into picking one *harumph*

    But - I can definitely say POTATO BIN since you didn't specify why Logan + Aura bedroom incident.

    1. The Logan + Aura bedroom scene is the scene that may not be rated PG, more like PG-13 ish.

  6. Hahaha I love reading everyone's responses! My favorite is definitely Logan's Farewell concert and of course the potato bin. I've got to go with Kim on her other scenes as well. Come to think of it, yeah I pretty much like everything about SHADE. LOL maybe it's a trick question. ;)

  7. When Logan could touch again and he and Aura finally almost did it!!!! You have no idea how mad I still am that they didn't. Honestly any seen with Logan and Aura was heart wrenching and beautiful. I mostly ignored everyone else cause I didn't like anyone else. They were all in the way! lol

  8. Yes the bedroom scene made we want to cry it was so sweet!!