Sunday, April 1, 2012

SHINE Pre-Release Party!!

Can you believe there are only 29 days before the world gets to experience the joy, tears, and love that make up the ending to the SHADE trilogy through SHINE?!?!

Yeah, we can't either. true #TeamKilt style it's time to have a party. A MONTH LONG PARTY!! Over the next month we'll talk and reminisce SHADE, SHIFT, and predict SHINE. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we'll post a question for you to answer. It won't be a simple yes or no answer so be prepared to gush.

Monday questions will be SHADE related. 
Wednesday questions will be SHIFT related. 
Friday questions will be SHINE predictions. 

We'll stick to this schedule, so you can avoid questions that may be spoilers if you haven't read all or one of the books. As for SHINE, there may be spoilers to previous books in the predictions. Just giving you a heads up.

And if you have something you'd like to discuss let us know!! Leave a comment here and we'll keep track.

1 comment:

  1. What a FUN idea!! I can always count on #TeamKilt to bring the party ;)