Monday, April 30, 2012

SHINE Pre-Release Party-- TIME TO DANCE!!


Tomorrow the world will be graced with the finale of one of the most amazing trilogies ever. Do the donkey butt dance (and if you don't know what that is make sure you come to Team Kilt Con so you can learn!) or just *try* to recreate the epic dance moves the Shade Boys have as evidenced by the video on this Tumblr post:

SHADE BOYS take over the Apple Store

If you haven't pre-ordered SHINE then get to it! Today is the LAST day to enter the Pre-Order Giveaway. And we made it to 100 pre-orders. WHY oh WHY would you NOT want a chance to win the awesome MEGA Giveaway set?

So to wrap up the best ever Pre-Release Party send your shout outs to Jeri, Logan, Aura, Zachary and the rest of the gang. Shout out your love, your predictions...whatever makes you shout from the rafters for people to go buy the book NOW!! 

BUT WAIT-- We're not done. Kilt and Keeley has every intention of partying on. Now comes the fun part...RELEASE WEEK (or since we are Kilt and Keeley the party won't ever stop). Send us pictures of your EXCLUSIVE ZOGAN cards in the wild. Coming soon we'll put together a display right here for everyone to see.

BUT WAIT--We're STILL not done! The Shade boys announced just yesterday that they will be hosting a  Twitter DANCE PARTY on Wednesday, May 2 at 7:00PM Eastern Time, as part of the SHINE release festivities! A DANCE PARTY! Be prepared to share dance videos like the one they posted on Tumblr and then get ready to moonwalk across the dance floor when the SHINE playlist is unveiled at 9:00PM Eastern Time. (Or 9:02PM if Logan is in charge of the unveiling.) DOUBLE WIN!  Follow the #SHADEboys hashtag to get in on the fun!


  1. Fun times to come!!! It'll be awesome to see ZOGAN cards planking, lol!!

    And bring on the donkey-butt dancin!!! (<<-- I sure do hope I live up to that at Team Kilt Con)

  2. Wait, you're saying ZOGAN going wild!
    Party through the wee small hours.
    Team Kilt you rock!!
    Let the good times roll.