Friday, April 6, 2012

SHINE Pre-Release Party Day 3: SHINE

24 DAYS!!!
*dancing in the streets*
Let's have a little fun today! It's Friday which means it's time to make predictions. If you are one of the lucky few that have read the book...maybe you can share what you thought might have happened! Beware of potential spoilers if you haven't read SHADE or SHIFT.

Sticking with the theme of ghosts (we love you LOGAN) let's turn to shades. In SHIFT we learned that Aura as able to help Logan turn back from being a shade.

So what's your prediction (this is a long one): 
Was helping Logan a special gift because it's Logan? Or do you think Aura can help ALL shades? If you were her and you could help a shade would you? Even though you knew you'd be deathly ill afterwards?


  1. The answer is Yes. I would help it's in my nature. Mind you if it were Logan I were helping it might take me a little longer.

  2. I think because it was Logan, who he was to Aura made it easier. I would at least try and help others. But if I were to get deathly ill- I may have to be selective of who I'd help <-- but that would eat me up to have to make that choice. Ack!

  3. I think Aura always had the ability to help shades, but Logan was her best friend and first love and she would have done anything to help him. It was her love for him that gave her the strength to try. Now that she knows she can do it, though, I'm sure she would want to try to help others.

    I would like to think that I would try to help all shades even if it made me sick.

  4. I think Aura will be able to help all the shades, just cause she's that awesome! (And, she IS the first Post-Shifter, after all. She gets special kick-butt powers.) I also think that it would be more difficult for her to help other shades though. Logan was kind of a special case, because she knew him so well, and she used that to help him, but if it was just a random shade, she might not know what to say at first (and the whole sick thing wouldn't help her thought process much). And if I could do that for a shade, I definitely would. I might get sick for a little while, but it would be worth it to stop the suffering of a soul that would otherwise never find peace.

  5. I think if given the chance, I'd help all shades. If I were to put myself in their shoes where I was stuck because something was unresolved I'd be angry as well. Supposing I had the chance to make "life" a little more bearable, and hopefully help them move on, then I'd do it.

  6. Oh, I would SO help every shade I possibly could. Which is exactly why I would be a pre-shifter in the SHADE world. I'd seriously get nothing else done, lol!

  7. I think she was able to help him because of how much they loved each other. I don't think it would work as easily for other shades.