Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SHINE Pre-Release Party Day 11: SHIFT

5 Days 
Repeat after me... F-I-V-E DAYS!!!

 Let the squeeing commence! And don't forget to pre-order your copy of SHINE. There's still time to enter the giveaway.

 Psst....this week's SHIFT question is spoilery.

 Remember we're talking about Aura today. Do you remember that part in SHIFT where she needs a friend, someone that understands where she's at with Logan and life in general? 

There's a guy, that we like to swoon over, who shocks us all by being there in ways we never imagined. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. Dylan. 

What did you think about Dylan and Aura? Were you surprised? Were you excited? Is this when you started swooning over Dylan?


  1. I WAS surprised! I can't say I was excited about it, but I completely understand why they did what they did.


    This is not the point in which I started swooning over Dylan. It wasn't even prom that did it for me. Nope. It really wasn't so much a particular scene as much as it was the connection they shared with each other. They both lost someone they loved SO. MUCH. but were just not able to completely let go because Logan couldn't let go. I include Megan in with this connection, too.

    Sidenote: The conversation Megan has with Aura about how she lost Logan, too, made me clinch my heart. It's one of those things I overlooked as a reader because I was so tuned into Aura's loss :'(

  2. It shocked the heck out of me!! Jeri had been talking about the love triangle becoming a little more like a geometry problem, and I never imagined it woul involve Dylan!! But it worked and it was what they both needed. I liked Dylan then, but for me that's not when the swooning started. SHINE is when Dylan stole a lil piece of my heart.

  3. I guess I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect it, but maybe hoped for it a little. For me the love triangle was always Dylan and Zach. I loved Logan, but he was dead and Dylan was just so great, so I was swoony over Dylan very early on :0)

  4. Dear God in heaven I was surprised. Totally unexpected... and I totally loved it- even though it was awkward and the circumstances. I remember I kicked my feet and actually squee'ed- after I cried that is. But what matters most, is they were there for each other and offered support. I loved that about Dylan and Aura's relationship.

    I actually started swooning over Dylan after Logan's final concert in Shade. And then I felt a little bit guilty b/c I loved Logan and Zachary too. Then I was like, well, I already love 2 boys, might as well love another one.

  5. Aura and Dylan were holding on to the past by holding on to each other. It was heart wrenching.

  6. ewwwww I was surprised!!! I can't believe Dylan would hit on his dead brother's girlfriend!!!! I was very upset!!!!!!!!

  7. I was so shocked with the Dylan/Aura thing! I couldn't believe that she would be that...comfy with her dead boyfriend's brother. And yes, I did love Dylan a lot more in Shift :)