Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kilt & Keeley News {2}

Team Kilt has a new logo! 
You may be asking yourself, why? The original logo is so stellar!  Why would we go through the trouble of redesigning it? Ha!  Well, when Amy designed the Team Kilt logo during the 2011 YA Crush Tourney, she opened up her design program, whipped something up in 10 minutes and called it done.  Folks, we had NO IDEA that Team Kilt would take off like it did. And now the designer feels like it’s time for a facelift.  So we lifted its face.   Let us introduce you to the new, improved TEAM KILT logo:

We’ve added new items with the new logo to the Official Team Kilt Cafe Press store., including T-Shirts and pajamas!  WOOT!  Don’t worry, though.  We’ve keep some merchandise with the original logo for those of us who want to reminisce upon Comic Sans font days.  (All proceeds received from the Cafe Press store are used in the development and maintenance of the Kilt & Keeley Fansite.)   Just look at some of the pretties you can find:
View TK

SHINE Preorders & how to get new SHADE & SHIFT covers
Jeri Smith-Ready posted a very informative blog post this week in regards to the release dates and formats for SHINE and the redesigned covers for SHADE and SHIFT.  Be sure to check out her post if you have any questions whatsoever about the books coming out in *checks calendar* 21 DAYS!

…and speaking of Preorders! Have you seen our SHINE Preorder Giveaway?!?!?
The mother of all contests is happening right this very minute! Check out the details in this blog post and learn how everyone wins!  The ZOGAN trading cards are at the printer right now and we can’t wait for you to see how epic they are.  The backside (*giggle*) turned out just as great as the front.  Guys, listen.  You seriously do NOT want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Only people who send in their receipts for their SHINE preorder will get one.  THAT’S IT. THE END.  NO MORE. (Well, we’ll probably give one to Jeri Smith-Ready without proof of preorder purchase. But no other exceptions.) Our goal is to get 100 preorder receipts but we’d love to get 7,000.  So, let’s do this!

Would you like to help us spread the SHINE love? We unleashed a second giveaway over the weekend to incent you all to help us get the word out about the preorder giveaway.  Check out that giveaway RIGHT HERE.  Lend us a tweet, or some space on your blog sidebar or maybe a Facebook post or a blog post? Please? Pretty Please? OK, thanks!  You’re the best!

Team Kilt Con
Here’s the spot where you can find all posts we make related to Team Kilt Con.  We recently announced the hotel location and next we’re finalizing the t-shirt design, putting together a schedule of events, and counting up the final costs so we can determine a nominal registration fee.  Watch the site regularly next week when lots of info will be pouring in.  Clear your schedule for May 18 & 19 so you can join us in Minneapolis, MN,  for the best weekend ever.

Spontaneous cries of enthusiasm
…continue to pop up in our homes.  We’re going to be meeting Jeri Smith-Ready this week! Some of us *cough* Karen *cough* have already had the privilege of meeting Jeri, but Jen D., Amy and Jen S. will be meeting Jeri for the FIRST TIME at the RT Convention in Chicago this week.  We’re going to try to play all cool, calm and collected but no doubt our insides will be jumping up and down like the fangirls we are.  GIGGITY! OH! And here's a schedule of Jeri's appearances at RT.

Let us know if you’ll be at RT, too!  We can’t wait to meet Team Kilt members in real life! Come find us.  We all look EXACTLY like our bio pictures.


  1. I am so completely jealous of all those attending RT this weekend in Chicago. If I had the money (and the time) I would so be on a plane there! I love that city, so much!! Enjoy yourselves :) I know you will!

  2. The new logo is AWESOME!!! Have a great time at RT this week! :)

  3. Yep...look for our bio pictures and no doubt you'll find us!! I promise to report whether or not Jen S. keeps her composure around Jeri. However, I make no promises of reporting any of the happenings at the YA Slumber Party on Wednesday!