Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, SHINE!

I hope you guys didn’t come by to see some epic post about SHINE and all of its epicness. That’s not what you’re going to find today.  (But just for the record…it’s epic.)

And really, this isn’t so much a “Happy Birthday, SHINE!” post as it is a heartfelt “Thank you” to Jeri Smith-Ready for bringing us a story that has effected us in such a way that a whole community has been built around it.  Around her.

So, thank you, Jeri, for Aura, Logan and Zachary.  For Megan.  For Mickey, Siobhan and Dylan.  For Aunt Gina and Maria.  For Simon. For Martin and Niall. For Anthony. Heck, thank you for Becca freaking Goldman.  Thank you for all of them. 

And thank you for giving our favorite series an ending that made us feel hopeless & hopeful, incredibly sad & ecstatic, but mostly, utterly fulfilled.


Now. Go read SHINE and then come back and dish about all it's epicness at THIS POST designated for spoiler discussions.(DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK UNTIL YOU'RE READY FOR SPOILERS)


  1. awww... sweet. :> yeah. that's right! Thank you so much Jeri for writing such an epic series. I always say this but it is true that I got to meet so many friends because of Shade. Thank you and happy bookbirthday! :D

  2. Ditto! As we've been waiting for Shine's release, several members of Team Kilt have been talking about this very thing. These books have brought us together with people we've NEVER EVER met. I don't mean just the characters - although we LOVE LOVE LOVE them - but real live people. People I chat with on a daily basis, have gotten to know and now refer to as friends. Thanks for bringing together the most amazing people. Jeri, you most definitely do ROCK. ;)