Thursday, March 8, 2012

TEAM KILT CON: Save the Date!


There are still lots of details to work out, but mark your calendars and schedule some vacation time now because Team Kilt Con is coming!

Here’s what we can confirm today:

          Who: You and a bunch of other fans of Aura, Logan and Zachary

          What: A Celebration of Team Kilt! Full agenda is yet to be determined, but you can expect 
          to connect with other fans, partake in very serious (ha!) themed discussions about the 
          SHADE series, activities involving a microphone, and games. Yep, games. OH! And did we 
          mention that JERI SMITH-READY WILL BE THERE?!?!? *screams*

          When: Friday, May 18 & Saturday, May 19, 2012. Come a day early and visit with us!

          Where: A location yet to be determined in Minneapolis, Minnesota

          Why: Because. See this post for the whole story.

          How: Get there by any means possible. Planes, trains & automobiles are all viable options.

We’re going to be looking for your feedback on what kind of panel discussions / activities you’d like to do at Team Kilt Con. More information is coming on Monday, March 12.

Start saving those pennies and get yourself there anyway you can.

See you soon!

– the K&K gang


  1. Tickets purchased! YAYeah!! All I need is a sedative to keep me sane while flying now. *Calls doctor*

  2. ^ That's my cyber BFF! Lol... like a sedative could affect you girl! I'm working on the hubs... and with any luck, will the at Team Kilt Con. Since he gets to go to the ACM awards in Vegas (on the arm of Mallary Hope none the less) this shouldn't be a problem. ;) Love the new look guys!

  3. Well poop! I would LOVE to go, but not sure I will be able to swing it. The Pops is coming in the week before and will not have the time off. I will SO be there in spirit though!! I may even sport a kilt that weekend jus cuz I am a crazy TeamKilt fan-girl. *wink*