Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Team Kilt St. Patrick's Day PARTY!

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Jeri has recently posted details about Team Kilt's St. Patrick's Day party!  If you haven't checked it out yet, head on over to her blog to read the details!

Highlights include:

  • How to win the VERY LAST ARC OF SHINE! 
  • TWO SHADEboys Twitter chats! (#TKStPats)
  • "KISS ME, I'M IRISH!" Giveaway hop! 

The Giveaway Hop will be hosted by us, Kilt & Keeley, and we would love your participation! Did we mention you can win the VERY LAST SHINE ARC?

Go on over to Jeri's blog for the details, and then come join the linky that will be posted Friday night, March 16th, here on K&K.

And don't worry, being of Irish decent is not a requirement. In fact, I will be sporting this on Saturday:

<3, Amy


  1. Kiss kiss :) l'll be there wouldn't miss it for the world.

  2. Yay! IKR? I can't wait to hear people's kissing stories! And the SAHDEboys chats are always epic. :)