Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We love you, Jeri!

Although Valentine's Day was last week, we don't need a special day to write a few love letters of our own to The Woman Upstairs!  These are just a few of the many words of love we want to share for Jeri.  Don't forget to add your own in the comments, and see the end of this post for a Team Kilt worthy challenge!
I have Eve's Fan Garden (EFG) to thank for introducing me to the greatness that is Jeri Smith-Ready.  It was during one of their author chats in 2010 that I first "met" Jeri. I put SHADE on my TBR pile after learning about it that night and told myself I'd read it someday.  

Then she followed me on Twitter.  

I was surprised and thought to myself, "OMG! A big time author is following me on Twitter.  WHY?" So I sent her a tweet thanking her for the chat on EFG. AND SHE TWEETED ME BACK. So you see, It's really HER fault I'm obsessed, lol.  She could have just ignored me, but she didn't.  It was that interaction that moved SHADE to the top of my TBR pile and solidified my status as full-time JSR fangirl.

Jeri has given us Aura, Logan & Zachary, Ciara & Shane, Rhia & Marek, Gianna & Louis and a whole slew of other characters that have made us laugh and cry. Sometimes uncontrollably. The most incredible thing she's given us, though, is herself.

She is never too busy interact with her fans even when she really IS too busy. And she's just so blasted...genuine. (*gasp* That's it! I've been trying to come up with a word that does her justice for THREE DAYS and I just found it! Fan-freaking-tastic!)

Yes, Jeri is an incredible author and a Twitter sensei (if you've ever been in a #SHADEboys chat you know what I'm talking about), but she's also a pretty incredible normal person. One of the things I love the most about her is that she has strong opinions and isn't afraid to express and/or defend them respectfully.  It's something my passive/aggressive Minnesota nice attitude has learned a thing or two from.

Thank you, Jeri, for appreciating the passion you've ignited in your fans and for treating us as your equal, though you clearly deserve to be put on a pedestal.  Plain and simply...I love you.


It is no surprise to anyone that we love Jeri. 

Well, maybe it’s a surprise to…  Nope.  No one.

Every poem, every video, every tweet, every mad lib, every maniped boy in a kilt: it all originates with our love for Jeri.

I kept trying to dig in my much depleted bag of creativity and come up with some new and AWESOMESAUCE way of saying all that I want to.  I think in a case like this, however, the most sincere approach is the no-frills, honest, speak-from-the-heart approach.

Like most of you, I was first introduced to Jeri through her fantastic books.  I think one of my favorite things about her writing is the perfect mix of humor, suspense, love, sadness, and heart.  Having this perfect balance in a book is rare and speaks volumes to her talent as a writer.  Jeri also has a particular talent for writing some pretty swoon-worthy characters, which is pretty great, too.

Also like most of you, I’ve gotten to know and love Jeri beyond her writing.  I have never seen an author so involved with his or her readers before, and never in such a sincere, genuine way.  Jeri is smart, passionate, loyal, not to mention HI-larious! (You do all follow those two crazy Shade boys on Twitter, right?)

Jeri is not just an author I admire, but a woman I admire as well, and one that I am very proud and honored to call a friend!  We love you, Jeri!


Now it's your turn!  Proclaim your love (or strong like) for Jeri in the comments of this post.  Your proclamation can be in the form of a six word comment, a letter, a song dedication, a poem, a stick figure drawing, whatever.  Just do it!  Let's overwhelm the woman who has made a career out of overwhelming our emotions with the words she writes.

Every time one of you expresses your love for Jeri in the comments between now and Sunday, February 26, the good folks at Tails of Hope Sanctuary are going to get a dollar. Tails of Hope is the organization for which Jeri and her husband fostered dogs until their dear, sweet Meadow hurt her back a few years ago.  It's still an important organization to Jeri, so we're throwing our support behind them this week.

(We *might* have to put a monetary cap on this, but TEST US. We dare you :) )


All of us at K&K
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