Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salvatore Week Contest Starts...NOW

Ready to submit your Aura Ice Sculptures?

We've been talking for a bit now about Salvatore Week of our Kickoff Month, so we hope you all have been busy coming up with entries. We've made the rules easy, too: there are none.  While K&K really hopes you are mindful of copyright and credit your sources when appropriate, the SKY is the limit in this contest!


1). Design and create anything you want that shows Aura's (or any of the Salvatores) awesomeness.  This can be an avatar, banner, poem, video, manip, dance, recipe, song, topiary, paper dolls, you name it! We like to be wowed and entertained!

2). Then submit it via email (admin @ kiltandkeeley.com), Twitter (@KiltAndKeeley #SalvatoreWeek), or this post (in the comments) for a chance to win some great prizes!

Here is a summary:

Most of all, we just want you to have FUN and show your love for Aura & Co!

Entries will be re-posted  on the blog and on the Fan page (still under construction). Be sure to comment on your favorite!  Winners will be announced Sunday, Jan 15th by 12:00pm CST!

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