Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rhyme Time!

You didn't think we would have a week dedicated to the Keeley's without tapping into #TeamKilt's infamous creativity did you??

You guys always astound us with the artwork, poems, pictures and all around AMAZING things you come up with at a moments notice to show your love for the Shade series.

This week we're going to keep it simple…..and silly!

The poor Keeley's have had enough drama in their lives. Logan's even in a good place right now. His beloved Baltimore Ravens made it to the playoffs, he's "living" on thanks to the Twitterverse (@keeley_logan) and he even has a new weekly Twitter show called Zach and Logan in the Morning (#ZOGANam) with his romantic rival/ now twitter BFF Zachary Moore.

So think HAPPY thoughts! Let's turn Mickey's frown upside down!

We want you to write a rhyme. The goofier the better. It can be as long or as short as you want.

I'll go first:

"Siobhan is a fiddler extraordinaire! You can spot her in a crowd with those wild purple streaks in her hair!"

See? L.A.M.E. So whatever YOU write will be amazing and funny and MUCH better than that!

Leave your rhyme in the comments or tweet your entry to @KiltAndKeeley under the #KeeleyWeek hashtag so we can find it.

You Keeley Fans did NOT disappoint with the awesome rhymes! Check some of these sweet odes out:

"Dylan's not a villain. He's quiet and chillin. While we're grinnin' and willin' to show him the <3" ~@jenduffey

"Logan Keeley standing in a violet light, boy o boy u sure look good tonight!!!!" ~@jware29

"We have 3 breathing Keeley’s and one not so alive They are all so wonderful they make me want to high-five!" ~@librarychickD

"Ghosts hate red / Logan's eyes used to be blue / This poem won't make sense / But my love for Shade boys does! <3" ~@marisolgaddi

"Dylan Keeley is the man he thinks on his feet he has a plan; to put Zach in his place he says "I'm sleeping with Aura, in YO FACE!""~@synfulsaleana9

"Logan is gorgeous and definitely Irish. One day we could be together, oh, how I wish! @BrookeWorm33 would want to kill me, Instead of just ghosts, that could involve a banshee"~@booglebum

"There were four kids of the Keeley clan
They made bitchen music and had loads of fans
Mickey played guitar like no other
Siobahn just loved fiddling along with her brothers
Logan, the leader of their band
His love for Aura greater than grains of sand
But then he was tragically gone
He life so short, like a super sad song
But please dear lasses, feel no guilt
Cuz we all know, we still get the KILT ;-)
And then there was Dylan
Who you could find chillin
Or perhaps in a limo
But not with a bimbo
He’d be tellin’ off Zach
He has your back!
So this was my rhyme
Thanks for your time!" ~@AdrenaLambert

A few random rhymers will be be chosen to receive Keeley Brothers buttons!

We'll highlight our favorites Saturday January 21st when we announce the winners of the Keeley Trivia contest. You can enter that right here! where you can win great prizes including a personalized by Jeri Smith-Ready SHINE pre-order! and Keeley Brothers swag.

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